For all the busy moms out there, make life a little less stressful with this wonderful blank monthly calendar! 

Kick-off 2022 with a fresh start and a cute new calendar! 

Today I’m excited to post something I have been meaning to post for quite some time. Since the next year is just a month away, I’m sending you all a gift of a FREE Printable Calendar template.

Last year I created a dated calendar for myself which I loved so much, but this year I felt like I need to remove the dates so that I can use the calendar template over and over again.

So, instead of creating a new set of dated calendars each year, I decided to create something that could be used well into the future because there is no doubt I’ll need them for my work.

free 2022 calendar printable

FREE Blank Monthly Calendar Template

These monthly calendar templates are simple and very basic with a little pop of colors.

They are perfect for anyone who wants to have a simple colorful calendar but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to print them out.

You can either print out the complete calendar or simply print monthly calendars. Your wish!

I really love them a lot and I’m surely going to use them in the coming years 2022, 2023, 2024… But who knows I add some more colorful colored templates for myself and you all the coming year.

So, stay tuned!

12 Months of Printable Monthly Calendar 2022, 2023….

So grab this set of cute printable monthly calendars and print out as many copies as you’d like!

As always, these mini templates are free for everyone to use.

Download the entire annual calendar in one file.


Blank Weekly Calendars Coming Soon!

While I was creating these templates, I realized it would be great if I create weekly calendar templates as well.

I have a lot of template ideas in mind. But let me know what you guys want to see. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Don’t Forget To Pin it for later!

If you’re not ready to print them out yet, hover over to the image below and pin it for later!

free printable blank calendar template
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