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I’m Umm Mishael – SAHM to two adorable little ones, a wife, a blogger, and a coffee lover. I have a very messy and blessed life, where I peruse bliss in the midst of it every single day!

I am married to a wonderful husband for 7 plus years. I married him at the ripe age of 19. We have two children, a girl (8) and a boy (5), both full of energy and total stand-up comedians. They keep my teaching and laughing all day long.

It had always been my passion to express my thoughts through writing. I was passionate to share my experiences and joys with the rest of the other women.

When I gave birth to my elder daughter, I was immediately exposed to a new world – the one of motherhood. Yet, in this fresh rewarding new life, I faced the challenge of finding a platform that spoke to me as a mother determined to inspire and share my discoveries with other women.

All Moms Blog is a place for new and expectant mothers to explore some of the mom ideas I’ve always wanted to write about for a long time. I love to share fresh perspectives on pregnancy, parenting, working from home, beauty, and lifestyle, DIY, health and fitness, and product reviews with my fantastic readers!

It is my personal goal to help you simplify the daily hustle and chores so you can enjoy the sweetness of life and simple pleasures of motherhood. So, let’s soak up every moment of being a mother and learn together!

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