Here are some freelance jobs for stay at home moms

Whether you came from a corporate job or you have been a SAHM the past few months, in this post, we will go over several freelance jobs for stay at home moms so you can be with your children!. One of the best a way to complete all the responsibilities of a mom while having a career is to work from home.

In this era, it is possible to earn equal and even more than a full-time job by working from home. You would just need to figure out what exactly you want to do!

11 Super Easy Freelance Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Freelancing is a self-employment approach where you take contracts from any company that works with your niche and execute the contract-based work abiding by the conditions given. 

Freelance Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

We understand the struggle a mom goes through so we only included those remote jobs that are suitable for stay at home moms. They offer both flexibility and growth while allowing you to develop new skills to excel in your career.

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Here are are some best at-home freelancing jobs for stay at home moms.

Freelance Writing

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This is one of the best freelance jobs for stay at home moms! Also one of the easiest jobs that you can get into very quickly is writing blog posts. Many blogs require ghostwriters regularly to create new content.

If you have an interest in a particular niche you can find out the most popular blogs in that niche and start applying to write for them by approaching the blogs through emails or their website.

You can apply directly by using the “Write For Us section” or shoot them an email.

Another way to find blogs to write for is by going to websites like Problogger, Indeed, Flexjobs, and others. You can also choose to create gigs on online marketplaces like Upwork to land your first client quickly.

It can take some time to get your first order. But, once you get the ball rolling, orders would start coming in regularly.

One of the perks of being a freelance writer is that even as a beginner you can make $20 to $40 per hour. You can write when it suits you as long as you meet the deadline.

As an advanced writer, you can even charge $200 to $300 or more per hour. Again, this is one of the best typing jobs for stay at home moms.

Social Media Management

Brands are always on the lookout for expert managers to run their social media accounts. Social media has become a very important part to maintain and grow the online presence of a company or individual business owners online.

They need talented social media managers for growing their fan base and acquiring new customers. The average pay for a beginner social media manager is anywhere in between $15 to $20.

If you are already familiar with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WordPress, this is the perfect job for you.

You would need to acquire skills like creating infographics, writing posts, and understanding how the algorithms work to generate engagement. You can choose to offer your services for only one platform or you can choose to work on multiple platforms. You can find some really great typing jobs for stay at home moms in this niche.

A very good platform to get these jobs are social media themselves. Many clients are posting in Facebook groups and LinkedIn looking for talented social media managers.


This can be a really great job for stay at home moms!

The job of a transcriptionist is to convert audio to written text. It is comparatively one of the easiest jobs to get into. If you are okay with sitting for long hours and have a great eye for detail, this is the perfect job for you.

You can choose your hours to work on freelance gigs as a transcriptionist and get paid $10-$21 per hour for your services. Some of the websites where you can register as a freelancer to get Transcription jobs are listed below.

Most of these websites would require you to pass their tests before they allow you to work on transcription jobs. You can get more gigs to work on if you can understand and type multiple languages.

Online Tutoring

Having special skills such as cooking or playing a musical instrument can help you earn money by tutoring people from the comforts of your home. You can also help students with their coursework and charge on a per-hour basis.

Many Asian businessmen and kids want to learn English. If you have a bachelor’s degree and if you live in an English-speaking country, you can join websites like VipKid, Qkids or Palfish.

Generally, you can make between $25 to $40 as an online English Tutor.

If you are good at speaking languages like Spanish, Italian, or German, you can also work as an online tutor. You would get to decide when you want to take the classes in most cases.

Generally, sessions are an hour long with plenty of gaps in-between which makes it very easy to take care of your children as well.


Many of us don’t like to write but we like to read and edit mistakes. If that is something you enjoy too then you can work as a proofreader online. Your job would be to find spelling and grammatical mistakes in blogs, articles, social media posts, or any other form of written content.

It is also a very flexible job and doesn’t require you to be creative. It is something that you can start doing with no experience. Depending on your skills you can get paid from $15 to $35 per hour.

You can approach blogs or check out various marketplaces to start your first project. It is also a good idea to open a Facebook page that describes your service. You can promote it organically or use paid ads to boost your services.

If you’re good with written English then there is a free course that’ll teach you how to do this in no time here.

Virtual Assistance

Busy online entrepreneurs are looking for talented individuals to delegate their tasks to. You can be that someone by providing virtual assistance to them and start earning from $15 to $50 per hour depending on your skills.

There are many different kinds of virtual assistants and you can choose any one of them or do all kinds of VA jobs. You can be a social media VA, Technical VA, or you can even work as an Admin support VA.

As a stay at home mom this can be a really great career choice!

User Testing

If you are not shy to record yourself and talk on the microphone, you can work as a user tester. Companies invest a lot of money in their websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

They often hire normal users who can record themselves while using the tool and speak about the user experience. This helps the company improve its products. It is a very valuable service and you can get paid from $40 to even $60 for just 20 mins of user testing.

It is possible to get more gigs if you own different devices like an Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Desktop, Tablets, and others.


Small business owners need bookkeepers to manage the finance of their business. It has now it has become very easy to learn this skill because of web apps like Quickbooks.

It is essential to learn how to operate bookkeeping software with free or paid resources online. Bookkeeping jobs pay an average of $20 per hour.


It is possible to land your first bookkeeping job very easily if you approach the right people. For getting clients you can create an account on platforms like Upwork to offer your services.

T-shirt Designing

It is not a very popular choice but you can work as a T-shirt designer for clients. Because of Print on Demand platforms like Teespring, Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, and others, T-shirt designing is a very demanding career now.

You can charge $10 – $40 per design depending on how complex the design is. You can also start your own business online while you work for clients. You can look for clients in Facebook groups or various online marketplaces to offer this service. Market/Niche Researching

If you can find out, what is trending for a particular niche, then you are a very valuable asset for many companies. Business owners are looking for information about how people view their brands. These insights help them narrow down their target audience or help customize the ad campaigns so they reach the right audience.

This skill would take some time to master, but if you are someone who likes to research on the internet, then it is a very good fit for you. The amount you would make can vary a lot depending on the industry that you end up working for.

Data Entry Jobs

One of the easiest jobs that you can start today is data entry. You would require no skills to do these jobs and can get started very quickly with these types of jobs.

You can get paid up to $15 per hour and the job can require you to input or process data. You would need to provide data to a form or change the format of the files in most cases.

Wrapping up list of freelance jobs for stay at home

We hope this list of freelance jobs for stay at home moms help you. Being a mom and managing a career is a very challenging thing to do. We hope that this list of jobs helps you figure out which direction you want to take forward. You can also check out this full list of work from home jobs for moms to find more options to choose from.

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