Investing in baby products is a necessity. Especially for new parents, it is confusing to buy the best baby products for their babies. Either you’re buying quilts for your baby or trying to gift it to a new mom-to-be, choosing the best baby quilt fabric, several things need to be considered.

Babies have sensitive skin; a little disbalance with the hygiene factor may result in severe health problems. Therefore, for the new parents, it is very essential to consult experts in this field or some experienced person who have better knowledge about the different kinds of fabrics which should make their baby efficient.

Important Factors To Consider While Choosing Fabric For Baby Quilt

I know the stress involved in making a quilt or purchasing it. There are a few things that will change the game completely.

Babies on board and all the young mothers feel stress, stay tuned until the last of this article. This article is all about choosing fabric for baby quilt in some mentionable steps.

Here, it goes into detail.

Choose The Right Fabric Material

This is the first step where most people go wrong. It is very crucial to check baby quilt fabric material before thinking about buying it. Some fabrics might not suit well with the baby’s skin since they are very soft and sensitive. That is why it is suggested to buy quilts which have cotton material underneath.

Therefore, the skin-friendly baby product is a must to do on a checklist. Also, some fabrics are made of furry material that might go in the baby’s nostrils or eyes, resulting in choking or other issues which might be dangerous.

Go for bold colors

For a long time, we believed that newborns could only see in black and white. New research suggests that babies see about 5% of an adult’s visual acuity.

What does this mean for us?

This means it is great to go for bold colors to keep them looking it for hours. Researchers recommend the following colors: red, green, blue, purple, and yellowish-brown.

The thing to remember here is to have a contrast between your fabric so that they can see the geometric designs on the fabric and stay fascinated.

Whether they’re having tummy time or just sitting and playing, this will keep them busy and intrigued. Once a baby is around 6 months old, they pretty much have the same visual acuity as an adult, so at this time you can go for some more faded and light-colored fabrics.

Baby’s Gender

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Most parents may think why it is important to buy fabrics according to baby’s gender, isn’t it? Well, it completely depends on ones’ decision. Further, baby boys are very fond of dark colors while baby girls like the complete opposite.

However, it is not a necessary step for moms to do not know about gender beforehand. In that case, gender-neutral color or subtle color selection is ideal. Today, most baby quilts are designed so that it suits both boys and girls.

Choose The Right Size

Another important thing to keep in mind is the size. Various sizes such as small, medium, large are available. Correct quilt size is easy to carry as well as meets up the comfortability factor.

I want to highlight today a 20” x 30” size for a baby quilt as a gift. It’s really perfect for a newborn.

Well, it completely depends on one need and demand. All the different sizes fulfill and serve the same purpose. The best quilt helps keep the baby warm at night and is even useful during the summers.

Ease Of Cleaning

The next part of choosing process is to look at whether they are easy for cleaning. Some fabrics look good and within one wash the color fades away. Also, newborns love to create a mess. Thus, it is important to check whether baby quilt fabric is easily washable and breathable.

Smart investing is always appreciable when the fabrics are of good quality and within one deep cleansing, the color stays intact.

Buy The Quilts That Have No Hoods Attached

It is better to buy baby quilts with no hoods. This creates discomforting nature while sleeping and also creates breathing problems. Most parents buy hooded quilts without knowing their cons. Therefore, quilts without hoods are perfect for babies.

Fancy Quilts

Baby fancy items always look attractive and amazing, but the quality differs from the comfortable blankets. Avoiding fancy quilts is a good idea since it is less breathable. Also, it is costs higher and not easily washable.

Thus, avoiding heavy fabric is another crucial step to look after.

Keep it natural

As the quilt is meant for a baby, I’d like to state the obvious!

Keep it all-natural with cotton, which includes flannel of course. Always keep in mind that the quilt is for the baby so it will be washed a number of times, I’d say at least once a week.

Wrapping up

So, these were 8 essential steps that will be beneficial for all parents for choosing fabric for baby quilt. From selecting material to size, everything needs to be perfect for babies to avoid skin rashes, irritation, etc.

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Important Factors To Consider While Choosing Fabric For Baby Quilt

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