30 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas (Updated 2021)

Picking perfect baby shower gifts can be tricky. I have put together a comprehensive list of practical and affordable unique baby gifts you can give to a new mom.

baby shower gift ideas for new moms to be

An expectant mom always loves usual baby gifts like diapers, cute stuffed toys, bibs and all but if you’re like me and you plan to give some unique gifts to a mom-to-be then this post is for you.

It’s practically nice to give expectant mama things she needs and will use, but sometimes going a little different and unique is never a bad idea.

30 ideas for baby shower gifts

This list that I have created is inspired to the things that really stuck out to me as unique and thoughtful, which are also the things no one would have thought to give a new mom but she’s going to love them.

Plus, it’s also largely a gender-neutral baby shower gifts list, so not knowing the baby’s sex won’t be a problem!

Surprise the mom-to-be with any of these unique baby shower gifts ideas and watch her smile with delight.

Here are my top 30 unique and cheap baby shower presents for moms:

1. Cute Sleeping Baby Sign

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First things first! Nobody, simply nobody wants someone to show up on their door-knocking loudly or ringing a doorbell when the baby is asleep. The best idea is to place this cute sign outdoors, for the guests to figure out that the baby is sleeping. They will get a hint and probably won’t be loud then. It’s worth every penny.

If you are like me, then you can also have a DIY version of this sign as well. This will totally work!

2. DocaATots Baby Lounger

I love these luxurious DockATots baby loungers since they’re so comfortable and multi-functional. It can be used for lounging. Playing with your little one, snuggling, and much more.

You can take it anywhere you want. It is easy to clean and the fabric is non-toxic and breathable. This is why I love this product so much. This is a must-have for moms-to-be.

3. A Good Photography Session

Thinking of what to buy for a baby shower? How about purchasing a mom a photography session? She will love and cherish those photos for the rest of her life.

It is impossible to look at the child’s photo no matter how old he may get, and not get sentimental. Check around if you have a photographer that fits your budget and has quality work.

A gift card for a professional newborn photography session is one of those gifts that are truly priceless.

4. Baby’s First Year Photo Frame

If you are planning on being a bit more creative then you know babies grow month by month. Why not gift a creative frame to a mom and dad to recollect those memories for a lifetime?

This simple wall frame, which can add brightness to a room. It is numbered from one to 12 for the parents to paste their baby’s photo each month.

It is a great way to teach kids about numbers, which is another plus point of this gift. The frame displays all of the baby’s milestones and is a unique baby gift they will treasure forever.

5. Pack Of Red Lights Bulb

This may sound weird but it is true. Using red light for night feeding sessions can help not wake up mom and baby much.

These lights are an amazing baby shower gift, not so bright and shocking. It has a dim light so it won’t be a problem. These are really cheap but will be a fortune for moms. But be sure to explain the main point 😊

6. A Thermometer

Obviously, the thermometer is a must-have for all moms. This is particularly a great thermometer because it has a dual-mode where it can measure temperature via forehead which is suitable for all ages.

It can measure via ear which is recommended for children over 1 year old.

When your baby is sleeping and you are afraid, he might have a temperature, the last thing you want to do is to wake him up. This friend can be very helpful in such circumstances.

7. Portable Diaper Changing Mat

We all know new moms’ life completely revolves around changing diapers. Well, mine did, as I almost have to change 9/10 diapers on a floor. It is always convenient to have a portable station or mat for diaper changing. This way if a new mom is traveling, she can quickly change the baby’s diaper in the car or a rest stop.

Anything portable would make mom’s life easier. And this portable mat is one I love the most. It is so convenient to have everything parents need for a diaper change in an organized place. It has compartments for diapers, wipes, lotions, etc. This is a perfect baby shower gift for mum.

8. Drool Bibs

I feel like these drool bibs make one of the unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be because I remember myself getting some when my first baby was born. I just loved them and they were always handy.

Especially if you live in a cold climate and don’t want to take your baby out with a wet shirt, these bandana bibs come in very handy.

9. Compression Gate

These compression gates are amongst the unique gifts for mom as they are mobile. You can buy permanent gates as well, but something that is mobile can be installed anywhere in the house where the baby needs to be trapped.

It keeps the baby safe and since its portable, it can be taken on trips as well.

10. Closet Dividers

When there is a little baby in the house, an organization can be a little hectic. To make it convenient, it always a good choice to have closet dividers.

These dividers will help keep the drawers clean and organized. These are the sweetest little baby shower gift presents.

11. Mom Survival Kit

Image via classyclutter.net

You can be creative and gift something a new mom will love and adore. It can be a kit, a jar or a box filled with some personal stuff she can use to pamper herself. There are so many things to try out.

Normally everyone focuses on baby stuff and often mom and aad are forgotten about in the shuffle. This is expected and this gift will be just what a mom-to-be will want and appreciate.

You can also create a themed gift that she can take to the hospital or something to throw in a diaper bag. Here are some of the ideas you can get started with:

Every mama will want some pampering and a moment to herself. So, whether it be a facial, massage, Mani/Pedi, or even such a survival kit you give her, she will love it.

For more ideas on things, you can buy a mom that she needs, check out the best products for new moms.

12. Mute Button Pacifier

Do you plan on giving your mom friend something humorous? Then this cute pacifier is the best gift to give. It helps to soothe the baby and lessen the noise.

The new parents can use this non-toxic silicone-made product from 0 to 6 months. This will be a great unusual baby shower gift.

13. Pacifier Clips

Talking about the pacifier, this gift is a big wow, if you decide to give this with the pacifier or just alone. Finding a pacifier every time it falls is a hassle.

This inexpensive and super handy pacifier clip will make mom’s life much easier.

14. Monogrammed Jellycat Bunny


Jellycat is one of the most trusted brands that manufacture soft and cute animals. The jellycat bunnies are stuffed and fluffy. You can get a baby’s name or monogram in different colors and fonts.

They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. These huggable toys with floppy ears and soft fur will be the best baby shower gifts.

15. Recovery Essentials

As I mentioned at a baby shower, pretty much all of the gifts are for the baby. But it would be so nice to get something for the mom as well. She is the one whos going to give birth, right?

You can get her a recovery kit because most moms don’t think too much about recovery after the baby. This recovery kit from Earth Mama is a great baby shower gift that your mom friend needs.

Find out more postpartum essentials for moms you can gift to a new mom that she will definitely use.

16. Gentle Nail Trimmer

Every parent’s nightmare is trimming a newborn’s nails. I was hell scared when I was about to cut my baby’s nails. And of course, I wouldn’t trust anyone to do it for me. Of course, who wants to hurt this tiny creature anyway?

This nail trimmer from Zoli is all you can give to your friend. It is gentle and there is no need to worry about hurting the baby. This is awesome!

17. A Nice Quilted Blanket

This can be such a unique and cute gift for a baby shower. These unique print quilted blankets are amazing for the baby to snuggle in.

If your mom-friend is searching for the best materials for her crib then this is the one. It is a unique floral print the baby would love to snuggle in.

If the new mom is in search of the best material crib, this suits them best.

These are handmade reversible quilted blankets. They easily fit into the standard-size cribs, and the baby will fall asleep quickly.

18. Crib Sheets

Talking about the crib, crib sheets can be a wonderful and unique baby shower gift idea for the baby. These crib sheets are 100% cotton and gender-neutral.

The new mother can easily put the baby to sleep in this chic style crib that is soft and smooth. The smooth cotton fabric is elegant and fits a standard crib mattress up to 9-inch depth.

19. Fridababy Bundle

This Fridababy bundle is what I love the most and I am sure your mom-to-be friend will love it too. This bundle has everything to save the day.

It has baby nail clippers, things for stuffed nose, and gas or colic in babies with a per-bottle perfect for mom after baby.

This is one of the great ideas for baby shower gifts all in one.

20. Activity Playmat

This activity playmat is a 3-in-1 award-winning playmat. It is an amazing activity playmat that can be used for playing, tummy time or any other time.

It keeps the baby busy for a long time and helps a lot for new parents in developing their child’s activities.

The playmat contains multiple accessories and multi-textured toys. It has more than 20 developmental activities. It is a must-add for a baby shower gift list.

21. Cotton Flannel Baby Blanket

These cotton flannel blankets would be a lovely gift for the newborn baby on a baby shower. This blanket can perfectly adjust to a stroller or a basket.

The parents can drape it over a rocker in the nursery to keep a child warm and cozy. One can never go wrong with this blanket.

22. Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is something your mom’s friend will definitely need. It is a good choice as a baby shower gift because she can use it when she wants to breastfeed in public. She can use it as a scarf when she isn’t nursing.

It can also be used as a car seat cover or a cart cover. It has multiuse to I don’t find a reason not to add this item to a baby shower gift list.

23. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set

This baby arrival set includes everything that is necessary to welcome a newborn. It contains essentials made of natural and safe ingredients. It gets a new mom everything she needs.

This kit includes wipes, diapers, sanitizing spray, healing balm, lotions, shampoo, and body wash. Perfect baby shower gift for mom!

24. Babies SwaddleWrap

Swaddling babies keep them warm and calm so it is great if you encourage such a thing by gifting something that will help a new mom. This swaddle wrap is amazing with beautiful designs.

This is easier to use, unlike traditional swaddle blankets. This is a great gift for a baby shower so don’t forget to add this to the list.

25. Stroller Organizer

It is so important to have all your stuff within your reach for emergency uses. When taking a baby out on a walk this stroller organizer can be a great help. It has compartments to keep things within arm’s reach.

This is a must-have item for your new mom friend.

26. A Stylish Diaper Bag with Changing Station

As a mom, a diaper bag is a lifesaver. I love there are so many diaper bags out there which are incredibly amazing but I like bags with I don’t have to hang around my shoulders and move with my two little ones.

So, I love this Diaper bag with changing station which is a stylish, all-purpose diaper bag, with tons of pocket space and a washable matte finish, and easily attaches to your stroller, you’ll be good to go.

What I love the most about this bag is it has a portable changing station with it. This compact backpack holds everything inside and allows you to carry it around without any hassle. Now you can give your baby a private sleeping space too!

This is one amazing unique baby show gift your mom friend will thank you for.

27. Original Wooden Rattles

I know there are tons of rattles out there so why this one? Firstly, they are finely handmade natural and organic rattles. These wooden rattles support the baby’s early motor skills development and during their teething phase.

They are so amazing they can last long enough to run through generations. They are perfect for gripping and helping the little one learns geography. You can add a little coconut oil to them and it will help with gum problems in babies as well. Doesn’t this make it an amazing baby shower gift?

28. Carrier


Babywearing is a lifesaver and babywearing has amazing benefits for both mom and a baby.

My favorite carrier is this Ergonomic Carrier! Your mama friend will be grateful to be able to hold the baby anywhere she goes.

It has an added anti-slip hip seat that attaches to the body of the carrier, forming a solid base for the baby to sit on, allowing little ones to sit in the M or froggy position to ensure the natural shape of the baby’s body is maintained.

There are different sling carriers as well like ring slingspocket slings, and even wrap-around slings.

I basically started with wrap around sling. These all slings are not bulky, so it’s easy to bring them around with you due to their lighter weight.

They are easier to clean and handle to bring your baby when running a quick errand.

29. Babysitting Gift Cards

Who doesn’t want some time for herself once you become a mom? Me-time is totally necessary for new moms as a load of chores and baby can wear her off.

The best gift you can give here is some coupons to purchase a couple of hours from a trusted babysitter.

You can find a good babysitter around town and help your mom-to-be. She will really appreciate the much-needed break.

30. Pregnancy and baby journal


The sweetest and the most memorable gift for a mom is something she can hold her memories into. This planner serves as a guidebook, medical log, journal, and scrapbook altogether for a mom to remember things just in time.

This is one of the fabulous gifts to give any expectant mom whether it’s her firstborn or tenth.

The sweetest keepsake for pregnancy and baby’s first year!

You can also gift her this cool notebook to keep a record of everything she wants to remember! It’s a fabulous gift to give any expectant mom whether it’s their first baby or tenth.

Final Thoughts on Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You can make your own cute baby shower gift bag that’s 100% unique. Or you can craft something for her. Just know and understand what she needs, and things will get easier.


Above all the gifts you give her, your love and support is the most important gift she needs now and forever. So just keep a check on her. This is, to me, the most forgotten baby shower gift a mom can have.

I really hope you liked these ultimate baby shower gift ideas. Feel free to let me know what you received or plan on giving a mom in making. Let me know anything you would like to add to this list.

Also, what do you take to a baby shower?

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