Looking For Kids Room Decoration Ideas? Here are some!

Kids room decoration can be quite a task, but it is such a rewarding experience. They can so much appreciate all the time for everything that was put into making their space perfect for their likes and style.

8 Cute Kids Room Decoration Ideas For Moms

To design a kid’s room you want to be fun and creative and for that, you don’t have to break the bank. There are tons of DIY tips and tricks for if you are searching for how to decorate your kids room.

During your home organization, your kids room plays an important role just like your own bedroom. giving them a place to get creative and enjoy their own space is so important for their own development and levitation of creativity.

To design your kids room both tidy and creative, here are 4 simple and cheap kids room decoration ideas for you to create a room your little one will look back on with affectionate memories.

Childhood is so fleeting even before you know it; your child will be grown and gone. So, make most of those precious childhood years while you still have time. When it comes to your kids room decoration, doing it yourself is the best!

It is an ideal way to save money and get creative with a truly unique and personal space.

Start Off With A Playspace

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If your kids room is big enough, add a play space in it. Although this isn’t the main part of the decoration plan, yet you want to add all the fun you can in their room. Add a playhouse or a teepee!

They’re an effortless way to create a fun space and can definitely ample toy storage. You can choose a playhouse or a teepee tent for kids that matches their room color. This space will also be transformed into a magical bedtime reading space.

Another way is to simply add a playful rug. Stash some toys in a box or under the bed, so that your kids can have access to their belongings whenever they want to play.

Have A Masterpiece Wall

Image Credit: The Glitter Guide

When thinking of ideas for decorating a kids’ room, using any artwork as wall decor can make their place so much special. So, why not use their own artwork for decoration? If they are learning how to draw, write or paint, they will be proud to hang their work for all to see.

It’s easy to make a wall décor with art pieces that will allow them to hang and choose what they want to display.

For a striking piece of art, enlarge a favorite photo, then cut even sections and frames. You can also download free prints and let your little one color them with colored pencils.

Finish by hanging the picture on the wall and it’s ready to hold your child’s latest creation. Here you have got amazing artwork for your kids room decoration.

Get Creative With Wall Colors

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Another simple way to or kids room decoration is to play with the colors. With your kids rooms, only your imagination is the limit to creating fun and unusual color combinations with paint. Pastels have been used for so long in the bedroom. Why not go for something different?

Try to have some fun with bright neon colors in their playroom or bedroom for all ages. If you’re worried about painting an entire room neon green and so on, you can create random, geometric shapes on a plain white painted wall.

Choose different colors with other accessories such as selves and other storage buckets throughout their rooms.

Removable wall transfers are also becoming increasingly affordable and thee are a range of patterns and styles you can find for decorating kids rooms. With these temporary wall tattoos, let your kid have fun decorating their room in their own way.

Use Open Shelves For Display

Kids and messes often go together, but you can make the organization a little easier by providing them with open shelves. Using wall space for storage is a fabulous idea to save floor space for keeping toys and other stuff organized.  

It can also be easily overwhelmed by books or other creations of your little ones. It is a simple yet cute DIY for your kid’s room. This also makes them access their belongings easily. You can provide a small footstool so he can reach items on shelves without a climb.

Turn Wooden Crates Into Shelves

Image credit: James Merrell

If you plan on easy and less expensive kids room decoration then DIY ideas are your friend. If you find selves expensive or out of fashion, go for something unique by creating one by yourself.

Attach a few old wooden crates to the wall for the perfect place to keep books and belongings. You can also paint them yourself in colors that match their room or make a project out of it and let kids paint them and show their creativity.

Remember, you’re decorating a space that’s meant for your kids and belong to them. The more love you add or let them add the more they will love and enjoy there.

This is a very affordable room update. You can also repurpose the old furniture by painting them and adding a few touching here and there. Just make sure it adds bliss and spark to their room.

Turn Kids Room Wall Into Chalkboard

Image Credit: The Glitter Guide

Does your kid love to draw? Then let their imagination rise by painting their walls with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard paint is nothing new, but when it is brushed on the entire wall, it gives kids hours of entertainment.

The vast canvas allows them to show their creativity and whenever they are inspired to redecorate it, they can use the wall to create something fresh, too.

I simply colored my kid’s wardrobe with chalkboard paint and never realized my kids would be such an amazing artist! This actually saved a lot of space for other toys and stuff. I am a very lazy person when it comes to decluttering and cleaning. This idea saved me time!

Create Space For A Desk

Image Credit: Joanna Henderson

Kids room decoration can be a little tricky if they are grown-ups. If you have grown-ups or preschoolers, make sure those young kids have the right environment to take on homework or do their school projects by creating a plenty of storage at their desks.

You can either buy a simple desk for them, but if you want to go all creative simply add a wallpaper or paint on the wall. Add shelves of your choice to create a fun yet stimulating workspace, they might not thank you for but will be grateful when they are stuck at their desk studying for their exams.

You can also stick some colorful and informative pictures on the wall related to their school or age, like a map of the world. So that kids can look at it while working on their own assignments.

Create More Open Space In Room

Image credit: Graham Atkins-Hughes

One of the most famous solutions for small bedrooms is bunk beds. Most kids love them, although you might need to set up a schedule of turns for who sleeps on the coveted top bunk if the arguments become heated. Make sure to make your kids clear on safety rules: no pushing or climbing up the side of the bed instead of using the ladder.

If your little ones have a small bedroom, you can also maximize the space by pushing the bed against the wall.

Not only this will open up the floor for playtime, but removing open areas around the sleeping space removes the fear of being something spooky lurking under the bed, waiting to grab an unsuspecting child.

As they grow, their interests change; having some DIY skills under your belt will surely come handy. Have fun decorating your child’s bedroom, and make sure you have them a say on the colors, theme, and furnishings.

So, did you like our kids room decoration tips for you all? Do you have more suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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