First Trimester Checklist : Ultimate To-Do List + PDF Printable

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is such exciting news.

I’m sure you are filled with joy and happiness but are you asking yourself the same question that I asked, “Now what?”

Well, it’s time for you to start making your first-trimester checklist.

While you’re preparing for your baby to arrive, there is so much work you have to do before anything.

There are a few symptoms during this first trimester of pregnancy that you are going to battle with, and it’s not always easy to get things done.

I believe you’ll be too busy learning what things to avoid in early pregnancy, how to get your energy back, or how are you supposed to announce your’s exciting news!

But I assure you there are few things that are important for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Things to do in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Here in this post, I have outlined some of the main points which I believe are vital to a successful first trimester of pregnancy. Don’t worry at all and guess what?

This time I have an amazing printable for you all.

Below you’ll find a printable PDF of my First Trimester Checklist which you can download without signing up.

So here are a few things you should be doing in your first trimester.

Announce The Pregnancy To Your Partner

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The first thing, obviously without even saying, is to announce your pregnancy to your partner. Now here you can be creative and think of ways you can announce it to your better half.

Honestly, you should be better than me here, as I never surprised my husband with any cute announcement. My bad!

If you’re able to keep it a secret, I suggest you go to Pinterest for some really cute and amazing announcement inspos. And if you ever take pictures, share them with me, I would love them.

Make A List Of Questions For Doctor

As I mentioned above, you must ask almost everything you have in your mind from the doctor.

You probably have a lot of questions about your pregnancy and baby! Make a list before visiting your doctor because you’ll likely forget some of them once you’re actually at the appointment.

About what to ask, you can simply take it from someone who already has a pregnancy experience.

You can write down the questions in a notebook and carry it with you to your next prenatal appointment.

Schedule Your Doctor’s Appointment

As soon as you know you’re pregnant, you should see your doctor. Normally, they’ll see you between 10-12 weeks for your first appointment. Your doctor will be able to run a few tests to confirm you’re pregnant.

Then onwards you can start tracking your pregnancy.

At this point, you should share almost everything with your doctor. Anything includes the medications you’re taking right now, the worries you’re having related to your pregnancy, your diet and breastfeeding and so on.

From here you can start doing your own research as well. Also, start researching what birth options you want to consider.

Whether you have decided to give home birth or with OB, you still need to be seen by a doctor.

And you definitely not want to miss the little one’s heartbeat for the very first time. So don’t skip this step.

Find A Midwife For Home Birth Or OBGYN

It is completely your choice if you want to deliver in the hospital or if you’re looking for home birth. Still, searching OBGYN or a midwife is somewhat time-consuming.

So it is better to find out what options you want to consider in your first trimester of pregnancy itself. There are many benefits of using a birth doula if you plan to give birth at home.

You don’t have to decide everything about your birth plan right away, but at least you start thinking about it. It’s time!

Ask your local moms or family members, read reviews, and meet different doctors. This will help you decide which option to select. Remember, you can always switch later.

Decide How You’ll Announce Your Pregnancy

This is a little tough one! It may be hard to keep the exciting news to yourself, but most people recommend waiting until the second trimester to announce your pregnancy.

Even if you don’t want to wait that long, at least spend a few weeks to plan something unique and cute to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family.

There is simply no need to rush. Just enjoy having this wonderful secret with your husband for some weeks.

Till then you can look for some good ways and here are some best baby shower gift ideas for you to check for inspo.

Start Researching About Pregnancy

Now it’s time to do some reading. Don’t stress yourself on this one. There are so many ways and things to look into. Birth options, insurance, birth plan, announcements, and the list goes on.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Your number one priority should be to focus on your health, wellbeing, and take as much rest as you can.

Then you can take some time out for yourself and do some reading about pregnancy and postpartum.

There’s plenty of time to get everything in order, but the earlier you start, the better.

Download A Baby Tracker App

Pregnancy apps can be super fun ways to track your baby’s development along with the symptoms you can expect week by week.

I love learning about how my baby is growing and or what I should and should not eat during pregnancy.

You can check this Baby Tracker Week By Week if you want to know the weekly baby’s development. She has some seriously awesome websites where you can track the baby’s progress week by week or you can check out her book “The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide”.

My other favorite apps are Ovia Pregnancy and The Bump.

Take Good Prenatal Vitamin

If you haven’t already started, I would recommend you to start taking your prenatal vitamins, now is the time.

Obviously, good nutrition is important during pregnancy, but you must also start taking prenatal vitamins, to avoid symptoms like morning sickness and cramping, etc.

Here is a tip: Normally I would be nauseous during the mornings. I started taking my prenatal vitamins during the night, this way it somehow did wonders in getting rid of that morning sickness.

Some of my When I started taking my prenatal vitamins

Now would be a good time to take advantage of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Option if you would love to stock up on your vitamins so that you don’t have to worry about running out of them.  

Take Pregnancy Classes

Now, you can completely be doing your own research along with the guidelines by your doctor.

But if you want to take it to the next level, I would recommend joining an online pregnancy class.

One of the most terrifying things, which actually was for me, is to find out you finally have to give birth, like I mean pregnancy is one thing but giving birth is a whole new perspective.

So I did research, research, and some more research and found out pregnancy and birthing classes can be amazing if you want some help and guidelines out of the box.

If you wish to join any pregnancy class, do a bit of research and look at which one is right for you.

The best thing about online pregnancy classes is that you can attend them from the convenience of your home.

Some of my favorite pregnancy and childbirth classes are:

  1. The Online Prenatal Class for Couples – This class is for both husband and wife. This course is created by Hillary who is a labor and delivery nurse. In this course, she will walk you through the process of labor and more.
  2. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class – Now seriously, this class is a lifesaver if you decide to breastfeed your baby. I chose to breastfeed both of my babies, so I was amazed after going through this course. Know that breastfeeding is highly recommended and this course will help you go through the process smoothly.
  3. The Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class – This class will help you familiarize yourself with the Breast Pump and to actually pump. It has numerous ways to increase your milk supply, so don’t miss this course.
  4. Milk Minutes Breastfeeding Crash Course – This is a 5-day course that explains the fundamentals of how to feed your baby. It’s comprehensive and will explain breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and pumping. This simple class can be easily explained and get benefit from your own home.
  5. Milk Minutes – All about Feeding your Baby – This is the advance version of the previous 1-week course. It’s a 14-day course that explains everything about how to feed your baby. It goes into more detail and explains everything about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and pumping. If you’re looking for an in-depth course, go for this one.

Create A Pinterest Board

When you are planning or researching anything related to pregnancy, Pinterest has several ideas to catch your sight.

There are many boards from where you can get inspiration or you can simply create your own.

You can save all the articles you can find related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and save images of some cute nurseries for your newborn.

I haven’t used anything more than Pinterest to find articles and ideas about my pregnancy. Some of the Pinterest accounts to follow for moms or moms in making are:

And don’t forget to follow All Moms Blog on Pinterest for helpful posts on all aspects of mom’s life.

Begin Documenting Pregnancy

It’s never too or late to start documenting your pregnancy. You can simply start pasting those pictures in your pregnancy journal.

It’s always fun to look back on your thoughts and feelings when you were pregnant, so write as much as you can.

Try to write everything in your journal that’s related to your pregnancy. Start tracking your symptoms, baby bump photos, and ultrasounds as well. This will be an incredible memory to preserve.

Start Taking Bump Pictures

For many women, the bump actually never shows up during the first trimester.

But it’s never too early to take pictures of yourself. You can take pictures as early as the first month.

I remember how hard it was for me to take my bump pictures because mine wasn’t visible even till the end of the second trimester.

So, to take bump photos is just so simple to do. Just pick one pose and set yourself a reminder to take weekly photos. You can also pick one outfit to actually show how your bump is growing.

Start Thinking Of Good Baby Names

It’s a good thing to start searching for some good baby names during your first trimester of pregnancy.

Choosing a baby name can be exciting, romantic, and fun! Sometimes you and your partner may not agree on one single name and keep crossing out lists and lists of baby names.

So what are you waiting for, mama? Start now, because this one can take the whole nine months!

As for me, well, my husband had already names decided and we just agreed because he was more excited about the baby than literally, I was. I love my kids’ names though!

Get A Belly Balm For Stretch Marks

This is absolutely not the fun part of pregnancy. Trust me!

I have battled with stretch marks during my first pregnancy because I was so busy getting the stuff around me do that some nights I would forget to apply anything on my belly (ok the truth is most of the nights).

Well, you shouldn’t wait for them to appear. The good rule is to start applying stretch marks cream. Or you can simply opt for an all-natural belly balm or lotion.

Create A Baby Budget

It’s no secret that babies are expensive. Baby things are expensive.  Between hospital bills and all of the products and clothes your little one will need, it’s best to start budgeting for your baby a.s.a.p.

Start creating a list of items you want to purchase. Find things you can buy second-hand or if you can get any help from others. Just the way you feel right. This is the time!

Here’s how you can save money on baby clothes!

Start Eating Health Food

There are foods you should eat and avoid during pregnancy. Do your research and start eating healthy meals during this time.

Eating vitamin-rich foods is more important than ever during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, our cravings don’t always fall under the healthy category. Don’t feel bad about this! But the point is, think of food as fuel during the first trimester. It’s a must to have proper nutrition during pregnancy.

Although it sounds cute when they say you have to eat for two now, it is always better not to increase your caloric intake just yet. Some of the foods you should include in your options for healthy foods are:

  • Green veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli, and lettuce
  • Beans and lentils
  • Citrus fruits
  • Yogurt and milk (if it suits you)
  • Protein like chicken or meat

To make things a little easier, try using Instant Pot recipes. They are faster to cook and delicious in taste.

Drink More Water

This cannot be stressed enough! Something that most women are unaware of, is that water consumption during pregnancy is mandatory.

You should at least want to have half a gallon of water a day, which makes 8 cups of water ideally twice that. Try your way up an entire gallon. Always keep a water bottle with you wherever you are out and about.

Now for me, since morning sickness took a toll on me, I somehow couldn’t swallow plain water. Most of the time I used to dilute it with some lemon drops or mint leaves.

You can also try or drinking coconut water which will also add in some electrolytes.

Hopefully, you’ve already been drinking enough water because your body needs it. But if not, now’s the time to make sure you’re getting all the hydration you need.

Start A Baby Registry

It’s time to start a baby registry and share it with your family and friends! Amazon has over 270,000 baby items on their site and you can add any of them to your registry in one click.

Try to start from the first trimester of pregnancy and you can then keep on changing and editing what things you need and whatnot.

Start Your Amazon Baby Registry Here

Whether you’re in your first trimester or drawing near your third trimester or you’re putting together your baby registry checklist, here’s a newborn baby registry checklist that will cover all the bases.

Start Buying Maternity Clothes

This is absolutely no fun part when you realize suddenly none of your clothes fit.

So, start buying some maternity clothes as early as u can so you are not stuck with nothing to wear after a couple of weeks.

You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, but some well-fitting clothes for all stages of pregnancy are a must.

Check out these must-have postpartum essentials for moms after delivery to easily navigate through this difficult period.

Stress Less And Rest More

Yes, I know it’s a lot easier said than done. But stress isn’t good for you or the baby! So, stop having that stress drink some pregnancy safe tea, kick back, and try to relax!

Your body is going through huge changes! So sleep and rest when you can. You might be tempted to do 100 things that are on your mind during pregnancy, but calm down and try to give yourself some quality time just for yourself.

Start A Light Exercise Routine

If you used to exercise, that’s great! If not ask your doctor for some light exercises with possible modifications.

During pregnancy, you will start placing a lot of weight on your pelvic floor. It’s not a bad idea to start incorporating pelvic floor exercises or Kegel exercises in your first trimester.

Or you can simply some light exercise into your daily/weekly routine. Take a walk every morning, or give prenatal yoga a try. Just remember not to put too much stress on your body. Just talk to your doctor and get in tune with your body.

If you’re already a mother or it’s your second pregnancy I have an article on how to start a health and fitness routine as a busy mom.

Cut Down Your Caffeine

Ok! Now, this is hard, very hard. For people like me who cannot even open their eyes without a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, and survive barely without one in the evening can be alarmed with this caffeine reduction.

But, honestly, caffeine can be linked to numerous issues during pregnancy.

Don’t worry you can still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but the less caffeine you have the better.

Again, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor or midwife about this. Either way, one cup of coffee won’t do any harm to you or your baby

Too much caffeine is bad so you can switch it with water. Stay hydrated during pregnancy. Invest in a good Thermos and keep it close by.

Treat Yourself

You deserve it! Take some time to rest and take care of your mind and body. Meanwhile, you can binge-watch your favorite shows or you can invest this time in some me-time.

You can also go and get some pedicure or a massage, or spend this extra time in some shopping or things you like doing to decompress.

This will help with the stress levels because with the baby on the brain I know how hard it is to relax.

Get Organized and Declutter

Well, this point is for all 3 trimesters of pregnancy. That’s because preparing for a new family needs a lot of planning and care.

Don’t feel overwhelmed or helpless. Things will happen one way or the other and I’m sure you can do it. But if you start organizing now, you’ll have more time for the fun stuff later.

It is more enjoyable to organize your baby’s nursery and outfits now. Start by throwing all the clutter away, things that you don’t need anymore, and start decluttering.

Plus, the baby’s clothes will take over your entire house soon. It is better to be prepared now.

This will help you to relax as well. I always felt relaxed and peaceful when I would accomplish all the organizing and decluttering tasks on time. A clean and decluttered home is peaceful and calm in itself.

Want some motivation here’s a simple step-by-step way to declutter your house in a weekend!

Take Care of Morning Sickness

If you are amongst the women who suffer from morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy, you might be wondering how to get rid of it, much less accomplish any goals or tasks.

During both of my pregnancies, I experienced morning sickness whatsoever. Check out my post about morning sickness remedies during pregnancy to see how I managed to keep morning sickness at bay. And remember, it will pass, and it will be more than worth it!

For morning sickness, it is a good idea to prep a simple morning sickness kit, so you can enjoy your first trimester as much as possible.

Here are a few things to pack in your morning sickness kit:

  • Acupressure Wrist Band – You can use this every single day. It helps with keeping nauseousness at bay and will help you do your work with ease.
  • Preggie Drops Plus – Simply, suck on these a lot and have a stash of them in your purse. These will help you get rid of morning sickness soon.
  • A snack pack of biscuits
  • Pink Stork Mist – Mist a few sprays on your wrist or feet and a light massage may provide temporary relief from morning sickness.

Talk To Your Kids about Pregnancy

If you already have kids, it’s time you should start telling them about your pregnancy.

It’s a good idea to think of different and creative ways to do that. Books are an amazing way to tell your kids about your pregnancy.

Here are some of my favorite and popular ways you can tell your kids through books.

  • My New Baby – This book is great to teach kids about newborn babies. The best thing about this book is the illustrations are simple but colorful and that several pages show the mother breastfeeding. This is perfect to normalize breastfeeding to our kids.
  • I’m a Big Sister – It focuses on the positive aspects of being older and explains some things that will happen with a new baby at home.
  • I’m a Big Brother – This book will help your son acclimate to the idea of being a big brother and he will turn into one for sure.
  • Baby Makes Five – This is a great book about sister bear having some jealous feelings about a new baby sister. This book teaches how to love one another and can be a great keep to teach kids this simple way of loving their new baby born.

Start a pregnancy journal

Start tracking your pregnancy now! From the less fun things like morning sickness symptoms and how much weight, you are gaining to all the other amazing things you will never forget.

From decorating the nursery to finding out bet possible baby names, track down everything or you’ll forget later.

To do this the best is to have a bullet journal. Or if bullet journaling isn’t for you, then you can try this super cute pregnancy journal.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

At less than $120 a year, Amazon Prime is perfect for new moms. You get discounts on tons of baby products like wipes and diapers. And free next-day delivery is a lifesaver.

And when doing this you get access to Prime Video which is perfect for late-night viewing when you’re too uncomfortable to sleep. Don’t hesitate, sign up for their free 30-day trial now and relax!

Check Your Insurance

The best and easiest thing to do is to call your insurance company and simply ask them what to do now that you are pregnant.

Be sure to ask for things like getting a free breast pump etc.

Do some Reading about Pregnancy

Now, a little bit of research never hurts. Simply head over to Amazon and fill up your cart with tons of great books for pregnancy and motherhood. There are amazing books out there.

A few of the amazing books to read as a mom can be found in my article Best Books for Stay-at-Home Moms to Read.

Don’t just go overboard and try to read everything! Select some of the trust guides like Pregnancy Day by Day and the other books I have mentioned in my article if you find something of your choice.

Lastly, I wish you a very happy and joyous pregnancy. Chill mama! You’re going to make it!

So here are my 30 things to do when you know you are having a baby arrive.

As promised here is your FREE FIRST TRIMESTER CHECKLIST (PDF Printable)

Did you find this article helpful? What’s on your to-do list for the first trimester? Let me know in the comments below.

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