Best Health and Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

When life as a mother gets busy, fitness is the first thing to go by the wayside.

As a new mom, you have plenty to think about: when to feed the baby, what to do when they cry, finding time to sleep, and how to get rid of those extra pounds packed on during pregnancy.

health and fitness routine for busy moms. health and fitness routine for working moms

No matter what exercise plan you follow, sometimes it gets hard to find TIME to exercise. Let’s say, even if you find time to exercise, how do you find the motivation to keep going?

Maybe the answer is to take time instead of finding the time. Then you can tap into the motivation you get from your results.

It’s easy to make excuses why you just can’t fit in some time for yourself but I am here to tell you, it’s time to stop putting it off. Exercising is important for your well-being and health.

Exercise strengthens your muscles, clears your mind, and sweats stress right out of you. Remember, if mama’s happy and healthy, the family follows the suit.

As you read these 10 health and fitness tips, remember that incorporating these tips can make your life easier, happier, and healthier in the long run!

So here’s how to start a fitness routine in your everyday life with a newborn or kids!

motivate yourself to start workout

The first question you should ask yourself is why is exercise important to you? Is it to stay fit? Lose the baby weight? Stay healthy so you can keep up with the kids?

How does exercising make you feel? You love that feeling after working out and although you’re tired you’re also more energized. So when you need a bit of motivation, think of how strong you feel afterward. Find that vision that may lightweight a spark inside you and acquire you moving.

What will be your end result? Forget the best weight you would like and target however smart you would like to feel.

Perhaps you want to be able to carry more groceries at one, to be able to finish all chores as fast as you can or be able to run as fast as your toddler.

When you don’t feel like putting on your sneakers, think of your vision to help you lace up. Write these questions down on paper and think about what kind of vision you can give yourself when you don’t feel like working out.

become a morning person

I understand that it’s tempting to snooze as late as possible–especially when your baby has been up all night.

Still setting an alarm with enough time to get a 20-minute walk before you start your day is a brilliant idea to ensure you work out as early as possible.

For many moms, if you wait till afternoon or evening, there are heaps of other activities that come up and chores waiting for you to be done.  

“The only way I could get in a workout when I had a newborn was to do it before the sun was even up. I’d walk or jog at 5 a.m. before my husband left for work,” Tabitha K. says.

Instead of drifting off afterward early feeding, strap on a sturdy sports bra and get moving. Find a physical exercise that you just love which will be done within the morning before everybody wakes up. It’s a great way to start your day.

make fitness routine short but effective

Can’t find an hour to exercise? You don’t have to.

When you are so busy you barely have time to scarf down a meal, you barely have time to do anything let alone get a workout. 

But the good news is it’s okay if you can’t commit to a full fitness routine. The experts say short bursts of activity throughout the day are as good as one longer workout.

In fact, as a brand new pregnant, some days finding 30 minutes in a row might be impossible.

I recommend breaking apart the time into 10-minute increments and so work your high to twenty or thirty-minute sessions as you’ll be able to.

“I would do squats and lunges holding the baby or squeeze in 10-minute yoga sessions I’d find on YouTube whenever I could,” Amanda W. says.

take advantage of naptime

If you ask my best fitness tips for moms it would be this!

Take advantage of your kids’ nap time!

It can be hard to have an infant who takes the majority of your time. Usually, you just can’t predict when the baby will sleep, or for how long.

A lot of times you need some much-needed rest yourself. But if you can, try to accomplish whatever possible once the silence descends over your abode.

Take advantage of baby’s catnaps, your lunch break, and daddy-and-baby bonding time. It can be anything that suits the certain schedule heck, power walk on the way home from work.

No workout? Go for a walk

Pros say moderate-intensity aerobic exercise raises cortisol and can lead to muscle loss just as the fat loss.

So it is highly recommended to do high-intensity workouts combined with low intensity, leisurely walking for best results. Leisurely walking is done slowly at a relaxed pace, letting you easily carry on a conversation.

Go for a walk with your baby in a front carrier or sling or put your baby in the stroller and walk around even to a local mall.

When your baby is a minimum of a month, you can put him in a jogging stroller and even try some sprints! If she’s the right age, strap that gorgeous bundle of joy into a stroller and go running!

But till then simply keep in mind to stay the place slow and reposeful.

“I strapped the baby into his little chair and did crunches in front of him,” says Holly J. “He thought it was a game of peekaboo.”

Adding 2-3 intense weight coaching workouts per week to your leisurely walking could be a nice arrange for burning the baby fat.

find a gym with childcare

While asking for decent childcare is a tall order, there are such gyms that exist. Finding a gym that’s affordable and have such an amazing facility is something you should try out.

Most gyms have a free trial period. You can sign u and get a lay of the land. If you are curious about your baby, stay with him for the first day to check how he is reacting to the new surroundings.

Also, you can watch the caregivers of how they are taking care of your baby. Having someone you can trust to take care of your baby is a great motivation to exercise.

You’ll find yourself motivated to go to the gym on days you don’t want to work out just for the childcare.

find a good social support

When you aren’t able to opt for a gym having social support, whether through friends, or family, or awesome women in an online community, is key to staying responsible.

We are social creatures by nature, and we feel worthy when we have someone who listens and can relate to what we’re going through. Consider getting involved with mommy and baby fitness classes or join a group workout if you belong to a gym.

Group training sanctions us not just to get a great workout, but to develop and foster friendships. If you don’t have an area cluster, connect with moms in a similar situation as you go online.

The key’s to ascertain an integral network and to be certain you have got somebody to assist you on your journey.

no gym? do at home workouts

“Getting slim while, not in the gym” has been my favorite slogan since turning into a mommy.

As you recognize, there are some days when getting out of the house to exercise is simply not an option. If you are a complete SAHM like me the good news is that you can still get fit in the comfort of your home.

Don’t despair if you feel like you don’t have extra time to get to the gym. Remember, our goal stays fit, it doesn’t have to be only in the gym.

You can get a fabulous fat burning workout just by being at your own place.

Hold your baby and do squats and stationary lunges for your lower body, then lift your baby overhead (get ready for some giggles) to strengthen your arms and shoulders, or lay on your back and do baby chest presses.

You can purchase online videos or CDs that can give you at home workouts for your convenience. Youtube has free videos of exercises for our ease. My favorite channel is Fitness Blender.

I love their workouts, you can try them too. And during those precious 30-minute nap times, grab some dumbbells and get in some at-home postpartum workouts!

eat like a fit mom

Sometimes, it’s really hard to exercise at all. but trust me this is not the end of the story.

Even when you are not working out or you simply don’t have time to workout, eating healthy and stable food can do so much good to your body. start eating healthy right after postpartum.

In this way, you are not just stabilizing your diet, but you are helping your child to be fit along with you if you are a breastfeeding mother. Add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

If it’s too hard to consume veggies or fruits naturally try making some good smoothies out of them and enjoy.

Also, when you are exercising your body needs more fuel to produce energy to carry out your entire chores of the day.

Eating the right food and a lot of it will help you keep on track and feel energized. There are many diet plans on the Internet, grab one and stick to it.

stop being too hard on yourself

Sometimes nothing seems to work out. Your baby screams non-stop for eight hours.

You end up at the pediatrician all day for an ear infection and have family or work obligations.

You need sleep, you simply had a rough day or you’re going to start hallucinating. And that’s okay! Being a mom is an absolute best yet hardest job in the whole world.

Take it easy on yourself. If you miss your exercise, remember that you’ll get it done tomorrow or the following day. Your goal is to have the time and energy to exercise on a regular basis.

Don’t fault yourself if you have to skip a day as long as you stay dedicated to your goals. Remember it’s all about taking care of yourself. Just don’t give up.

Even if you can’t exercise for two weeks, don’t give up. Squeeze whatever you can into your days. Be flexible. Get creative. Stay willing to ask for help. Make exercise a priority. If I can so can you 🙂

Which of these health and fitness tips are you going to work on first? Let us know!

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10 Health and Fitness Tips For Busy Moms

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