7 Best at Home Workouts for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Great

Are you a busy mom? Are your days full of work and kids, with no time to spare for yourself? If so then this post is for you. We have gathered 7 at-home workouts that will help busy moms feel great in the short amount of time they have. All these at-home workouts are simple, quick, and effective!

These days, it’s become increasingly difficult to find any time for self-care, let alone time for a workout, especially for at-home moms.

7 Best at Home Workouts for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Great

The errand lists are long, and excuses for avoiding a workout are longer. Postpartum exercise will help you lose weight over time, but the benefits far outweigh any weight loss.

It can also relieve stress, rejuvenate your body when you are sleep deprived, help your body balance these post-baby hormones, fight anxiety and depression, and strengthen your body for the physical needs of being a mother.

So, now is the time to invest in yourself and live a healthy well-balanced life. Here are some simple exercises to incorporate in your busy schedule with kids.

7 Best at-home workouts for busy mamas

With some essential fitness gear and home workout equipment, you can turn your spare room or corner into a personal workout space and make it easier to sneak in some cardio sets between loads of laundry.

Below is a list of the best home fitness equipment and workouts that will help busy moms stretch, strengthen, and sweat on their schedule.

here are a few workout ideas busy moms can do at home
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Mom and baby workout warmup

It’s always essential to start your mommy and baby workouts with a dynamic stretch as your warmup.

The term “dynamic stretching” refers to light, dynamic movements that reflect what you do during a workout to keep your joints and muscles warm.

You don’t have to worry about how many reps to do, but try to turn your entire body and give yourself at least three to four minutes to do it.

Start with a few minutes of light cardio (bike or running on the spot) as your warmup. This will raise your heart rate and get you sweating so that you’re nice and warm before getting into the bodyweight exercises.

After your dynamic stretch it’s time to move onto the first at home workout!

Jumping leg curls with lift intervals

this is a simple and quick workout for busy moms at home. This exercise is timed and targets the glutes, thighs, hips, buttocks, and abs. All you need for this workout are two sets of weights and an exercise mat.

  • Start off with three sets of 15 reps, but be sure to increase your weight as the weeks go on!
  • For these exercises focus on using your glutes during each rep by squeezing them together tightly. You can also vary movements by doing reverse lunges or squats instead of leg curls.
  • Switch between the jump interval and the leg lift interval every 30 seconds and perform each leg alternately.
  • End the chain three times on both sides.

Keep in mind that jumping after the baby may take a while to get used to it for some, while it may feel natural and stable for others.

If you feel unstable or wet your bed while jumping, do the movement as a step instead of jumping.

Baby bridge

The bridge exercise is the perfect addition to an at-home workout. It’s a good exercise for hip mobility and strengthening the lower back, and as it’s low-impact, it is excellent for anyone who has knee or hip concerns.

All you need is a mat, and your hands on either side of the spine for support.

Lie with your back flat against the ground in a push-up position with arms fully extended, toes touching each other and knees bent so that only your feet are on the floor.

Your head should touch lightly to the mat; please note, this may vary depending on body type or height.

As the glutes make up one of the largest muscle groups in your body, naturally, they will use a lot of energy to train. This makes the glute bridge an effective exercise for women who have any fitness goals, like losing fat or gaining strength.

Free weights

Using free weights is an easy way to increase the effectiveness of your training. However, this is only possible if you use weights correctly.

For example, if you constantly try to lift TOO hard, it can damage your body shape, reducing the benefits of exercise and risking injury.

A few exercise examples include:

  • Pushups – these can be done against any surface that provides some resistance such as a wall or couch armrests; no need for pushup stands/benches/etc…just something firm enough so it doesn’t slide when doing push ups
  • Pullups – if there isn’t anywhere within your reach you can hang from a pullup bar, simply do these standing up with an underhand grip (palms facing away)
  • Crunches – for most people it’s easier to do crunches sitting down so they needn’t worry about balance! The key here is making sure not only are you lifting upwards

Start with one set of each exercise, and increase by a set every week until you are up to three sets. Do two times per week for 12 weeks (24 sessions).

The time requirement is roughly 15 minutes per day on average. That’s only an hour total in order to see results!*

There are many benefits of strength training, including preserving muscle mass, weight control, reducing the risk of injury, improving strength and fitness, & also improving your mood.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are versatile, lightweight and easy to stash and the most affordable way to instantly up-level your workout at home.

Resistance bands are also great for travel – whether you’re planning on going away or just need something quick for the commute!

But don’t worry about any fancy equipment – all you need is an elastic tube with handles that can resist your weight.

Resistance bands are a great addition to your fitness equipment for working out at home that are small, tension-packed bands that simulate the experience of weightlifting. Resistance bands are great because they are compact and still offer a wide variety of workouts.

What you’ll need:

Resistance band, workout videos (optional) and a mat if needed for floor exercises such as push-ups and plank holds. If not using weights make sure to use the same amount of resistance from one exercise to another when following through with sets!

In order to stay safe it’s important that you have good form while performing your exercises – otherwise consult a trainer on how to perform them properly.

These workouts range from beginner friendly like this ab workout which targets multiple muscles in one move to more advanced exercises like the squat into chest press combo. So no matter what level of fitness you have there’s something here fit your needs!

Jump rope

Do you know that jumping rope at home is a great cardio workout? Jump rope is one of the most potent cardio exercises out there. It strengthens your heart and your leg muscles as well as improving your reflexes.

Jump rope exercises can be a fun and challenging way to practice cardio when you need to stay in one place.

This seriously questions the cardiovascular system as well as helps improve muscle coordination and strength.

For jump rope at-home workout all you need are two lengths of jump ropes – preferably ones with handles so they’re easy to hold on to. You can do any variation of the exercises below:

This at-home workout takes just five minutes of your busy schedule mama!

Here we go:

  • Jump in place using both feet for one minute (60 jumps)
  • Turn around 360 degrees ten times while still jumping
  • Bounce up and down 20 seconds like an inflatable toy – sounds fun right? And don’t forget those stretches when done! 🙂

Set realistic goals and stick with them

Yes, this is so much important ladies!!

I know you are a busy mom and often times it’s hard to find the time for healthy cooking. That is why this fitness guide will be just what you need!

These exercises will help keep your muscles strong while giving intentional attention to how aging affects them (we all want that sagging skin!).

Get ready ladies and be determined not only to stay fit but feel good about yourself as well.

You don’t want more years of running around and playing with your kids if you’re going with this pace without taking care of your health and body

Be sure now to take advantage of these workouts so they can give us many more years in life

So, are you ready to step up your fitness routine mamas?

Whether you’re wearing a baby or pushing them in the stroller, your little one can join in on the fun with these whip-you-into-shape mommy and baby workouts. While setting up a home gym these pieces of home gym essentials open up the possibility for literally hundreds of different exercises without completely taking over your home.

I hope you found these simple fitness tips and at-home workouts helpful and that they will inspire you to take care of yourself in the little time you have!

If it doesn’t seem like there’s any way for a busy mom or woman with kids to find an hour per week, remember that even 10 minutes can make a difference.

So get up off your bum and do something good for yourself – we’re rooting for you!

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best simple at home exercises for busy moms to add to their routine

7 Best at Home Workouts for Busy Moms to Look and Feel Great

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