How Single moms can become successful- 10 freelance services on Demand in 2021

Are you a single mom struggling to take care of your kids and at the same time provide them everything during this pandemic? This post has got you covered.

There are numerous ways to lead a difficult life but to be a single mother in a time of a global pandemic is significantly high at the table.

freelancing services for single moms in 2021

Forced to play the roles of both father and mother, to lead a life they never expected takes a big toll on the psychological aspects of a mother.  To raise a child on their own and work at the same time to feed them both is no stroll in the park.

Life becomes very hectic and to juggle between the job, the wants of your child as well as completing the family obligations and commitments becomes insatiable.

To have a day job and leave your baby at home for 8-9 hours is impossible for a mother.

There are hindrances in a single mom’s life that are difficult to pass by, they are also a victim of work guilt as they can’t stay late in the office, can’t take on additional work and sometimes are not able to arrive early in the office as they were dropping the kid to school or at a nanny’s place.

But, every coin has two sides!

And with every problem there is a solution!

A struggling single mom can always opt for freelancing jobs and can earn a handsome pay.

So, what is it?

Freelancing is a self-employment approach where you take contracts from any company that works with your niche and execute the contract-based work abiding by the conditions given. There are many reasons you want to consider going for freelancing.

10 Freelancing Jobs and Services Available for Single Moms in 2021

There are numerous freelance jobs available and the companies are hiring freelancers more than ever. Even though it sounds dismal, there is always hope. Here are some best at-home freelancing jobs for single moms.


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Even though it is a time consuming process to start making money from a blog, if you are a strong writer and have good command of the language then it is easy for any woman to earn by featuring advertisers and other promoters who want to highlight themselves in the social media.

There are many companies or organizations that require bloggers to write for them on a daily basis and can do work from home. So overall it is a good choice for a single mom as it can help them earn upto 60,000$ every year.

Here’s a pretty simple overview on how to start a profitable blog:

  • Identify your niche (i.e. what you want to blog about)
  • Choose a domain name and purchase it like Namecheap.
  • Set up your blog using a hosting like Lyrical Host
  • Get a good and fast theme (I recommend Bluchic’s themes)
  • Start monetizing with ads like Adsense and affiliate marketing like Amazon!
  • Write, write, write, and write! (that’s the key)

That’s it! You’re good to go!

Here are some Best Blogging Resources for Moms to use to grow your WordPress Blog.

Market Research Analyst

They are the data collectors who analyze the market thoroughly and vigorously to help their clients understand the market and recommend the best possible product or service that will help them to gain maximum profit.

This work can also be executed from home as they only need to meet their clients once in the initial part of hiring. Market research analysts earn around 65,000$ each year.


Working as a teacher after school hours to help students gain a firm grip on the concepts they don’t understand in school. The work of a tutor varies with the demographic of the students they teach.

This work is either done by inviting the students home or taking online classes from home, so it doesn’t involve the mom to go outside her home. This job can earn her up to 40,000$ annually.

Here are some of some legitimate places to apply for tutoring jobs as a stay-at-home single mom:


VIPKid offers amazing work from home for both moms and dads to earn up to $22 per hour for teaching English online to kids in China. They pay up to $22 per hour.


Qkids is another option you can go for. It connects around 300,000+ Chinese learners (between 4-12 years of age) with online teachers. QKids is an amazing side hustle for single moms that can help you earn around $16 – $20 per hour.

But don’t limit yourself to these two. The options are limitless!

Graphic Designer

This job opens a number of doors as a freelancer as you can take on small projects for a company and do them as your timetable allows you or work full-time for a company to make ad campaigns, a 100% computer-savvy job that can be easily done from home is perfect for a single mom. They are paid around 55,000$ per year.

There are many jobs on Upwork you can search for. Also, to market your skills you can create your own website and state what services you offer to boost your skills and gain customers.

Click here to be taken to a host site and start your side hustle business as a single mom right now. Create your site with the best hosting program.

Content writer

This is another great option for the wordsmiths out there as it involves writing content for various digital marketing firms that help provide information on various topics and agendas.

These content writers have to think out of the box to make their articles unique and authentic. For the women who like to think and create literature that appeals to a huge audience, these are the perfect job for writing articles as a freelancer.

Content writing is versatile and you can write about anything you like. Around 77% of marketers agree that written content is and will be their first priority for content marketing in 2021.

You can find countless number of freelancing jobs on websites like Upwork. Joining is totally free!

Life Coach

This is a job best suited for a good listener and someone who has great communication skills. It doesn’t matter if you are highly educated or not, freelance life coaching is easy to hire if you possess good listening and communicating skills.

Life coaches help their clients to achieve their aspirations and make the difficult road a bit easier with their words and wisdom. They earn around 59,000$ per annum.

Customer Service Representative

Generally, the customer services are outsourced by the companies but some companies make call centers to help customers get after-sale or general services.

But it’s possible to find a gig or a job that allows you to work from home and work as a customer service representative. They earn up to 33,000$ every year.


This job involves you taking care of other’s child  or children for that matter. It is an easy job as a single mother because you have to do all the things you do everyday but with more children.

This helps your kids too, as they can make new friends on a regular basis and also get to meet new people. Even though the pay is less it is something that a single mother can do easily both part-time and full time and earn around 25,000$ annually.

If your lifestyle fits with this job, then you can try Sittercity and You can also start your own childcare home business and that would be a more flexible freelance job for you.

Administrative Assistant

For a smooth and efficient running of the work in every office, companies hire administrative assistants. To organize information, schedule meetings, brief clients, and perform other necessary tasks. It has a specific schedule and doesn’t require any kind of extra hours.

They earn up to 40,000$ annually.

Virtual Assistant

They are required to do the same work as an administrative assistant. The only difference is they do the same work from home. It is more efficient as they can spend more time with the kids and family and can work as per their comfort zone.

They earn around 50,000$ per annum.

There are many opportunities of becoming a virtual assistant for single moms and Pinterest is on top these days.

Pinterest has over 290 million active users and over 24% of the US uses Pinterest. There is a huge business for Virtual Assistants.

If you’re wondering how can you become a Pinterest VA here is a free webinar that teaches you everything about it.

The Conclusion

There are a plethora of jobs available for a single mother to apply for as a freelancer and live a happy life as-well-as provide their family everything they need and can  be proud of what they do.

Most jobs are to be done from home so you can give more time to your child and parents and easily shoulder the responsibility of running the household on your own.

This time and age have a foundation of confident and independent women, either being a single mother or a sophisticated young lady.

The women have tipped the scales and have balanced the ratio, proving themselves as important as men in society.

From being a nanny to leading their life as a market research analyst there is a range of options available to keep the scale balanced and love what they do for a living. 

What do you think about these freelance services for single moms? Do you know some other, do let me know!

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How Single moms can become successful- 10 freelance services on Demand in 2021

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