How to create Cozy and Peaceful Home- The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

My Home is my favorite place and I can’t stress enough on homemaking. I love to keep my home a priority by adding life and intimacy to make it more welcoming, comfortable and luxurious to live in. Some of my most favorite home decorating tips I love to share with others is how to keep the home peaceful and cozy to live.

After a hectic day with kids and work schedules, home is the place where you find peace and rest and for that, you have to work a little hard. And if the home is your perfect and favorite place like me, then you are going to love the ways I’m about to tell you in this post how to create a cozy home.

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Empty Your Room Before Starting

I know the title would have scared you, but this is the crucial step if you want a peaceful and cozy place. I learned this step when I was reading Myhuillyn Smith’s “Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff”. I was blown away by the simple logic on how you can make your home peaceful and cozy that anyone can learn and apply. So I learned the basic formula for creating a room you want is to know what you should pick first to add to a room.

In this book, you can learn a COZY HOME is way less about having tons of MONEY and more about following SIMPLE STEPS. So, if your room is already set up, the first step is to take everything out in order to listen to the room.

I know it’s hard but ask yourself, “Would it be better to be inconvenienced for a few weeks, but then love your room for years?” I bet the answer is ‘Yes’!

Also if you are a fan of Marie Kondo like I’m, you might remember in the show Tidying Up, she had you take all the clothes out of your closet. Then you decide what goes in and what goes out.

Clear The Clutter And Keep It Clean

As mentioned earlier if you follow Marie Kondo or any other self-proclaimed maximalist, it’s a common knowledge that clutter creates physical and unconscious chaos. Often those unkempt piles and clutter can lead to 20 minutes’ waste of time for you to find a thing and this may often lead to distress. So it is important to take some time and declutter the mess and set everything in order. No one can feel like home in a house where they can’t get around too well. When you declutter you’ll automatically gain a sense of peace and warmth in your own home.

The dirty dishes and sink are included too! LOL

Once you have decluttered the major portion, you can keep up this habit by spending 10 minutes each day to clear away items and put them where they belong. I know most people don’t have much time to spend cleaning. You can still make efforts to keep a clean home so you can relax and enjoy your space more. Take a few minutes in a day to put things away, mop floors and wash dishes. A strategic plan will work amazing. A clean home automatically makes the home more cozy and peaceful than those that are messy or wrecked.

Venture With Colors And Shapes

After you’ve calmed your room and set it in order, it’s now time to play a little with colors and textures. The empty room will let you decide the colors and themes more accurately. Depending on the size of your room select the paint you want to do in your room. If you live in a rental you might have a small room to medium-sized room, so try to avoid darker shades. The lighter colors you use the bigger the room will look.

For more ideas to make a rental look and feel like a cozy home check out my other article.

So, you definitely want a stress free area after a hectic day to recharge your energy. Try to merge yourself with nature. Get rid of those boring white walls and add a natural color to them, like pastels would do wonders. You can decorate your walls or you can hang some shelves to maximize the floor space.

Lighten Your Home

This is an amazing trick to make your home cozy. Dark corners, fluorescent lighting, and little light in each room will make a home seem bleak and uninviting. While too bright lights can make things harsh, to make things cozy and peaceful natural light is the best. If you have windows in every room, try adding some white drapes to access the maximum light in the room. This will enhance the look of the room making it seem larger, and yet more cozy at the same time. The amount of natural light you allow in your space will immediately double from allowing sunlight to reflect off by placing large mirrors or lacquered pieces.

You have too many overhead lights? Just get rid of them.

Your house isn’t a department store. Make it your comfort zone by adding things you love and naturally it will be more peaceful and comfortable to live in.

Decorate it with Candles and Plants

Who doesn’t love plants and candles? I absolutely love them. They are my ultimate décor items. This reminds me of the fall season we’re and before moving forward I want to share my absolute favorite candle of all time Yankee Pumpkin Spice Candle.

I just can resist the smell of it, maybe because it has pumpkin spice. What can I say, I’m just so fond of pumpkin spice.

Anyways, what I mean here is candles can always make your home smell amazing and feel cozy in every season. Low lighting is great, but the CANDLE adds a special warmth that even any other light can’t do.

Now moving to PLANTS, you need not have a thumb rule to take advantage of this. Many plants hardly require water, maybe just once a month. These plants can be often put on shelves so you have a pretty display in each room. They can also work well in plant stands and on tables. You can also buy fresh flowers every week and place them in an inexpensive vase on dining tables. Simple!

Never Overlook The Bedroom

One of the most intimate areas of your home, your BEDROOM. This room should invite you to escape from your busy schedule by asserting a sense of sophistication. This place should be your ultimate comfort zone. When you walk in your bedroom the sense of relaxation should fill you up so you can settle in and relax. It is always a better choice to incorporate colors that resonate with you and draw you into the room.

Here, again pretty pastels will do wonders! You can also add plants to your room which give off more oxygen at night. Lastly, decorate it with your favorite décor items to give it a more cozy and personal look.

Throw Pillows Are Never Out Of Fashion

With this being said, I’m reminded of my teenage, when I had a million pillows scattered on my bed. Each day after leaving school, the best thing I missed was to jump in my bed with those cozy little pillows and take a long nap.

Adding nice throw pillows, or a faux fur throw is a great way to add cozy appeal to your room. You can drape it over the end of the bed, or perhaps if you have a small sofa in your bedroom you can place that on it nicely folded. This adds special warmth and coziness to a room.

So how did you like these tips for a peaceful and cozy home?

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