How To Get Picky Toddler Eat Healthy Meals

The million-dollar question, how can I get my toddler to eat healthy food? Being a mother of 2 kids, I have struggled with picky eating a lot.

In this article, I’m going to give you insights into how you can get your picky toddler to eat healthy meals.

how to get picky toddler eat healthy meals. get your picky eater to eat veggies

If I say there were a thousand times I had to deal with super tantrums just because my little one wanted nuggets instead of a fruit salad, I won’t be bragging. 

I tried all the tricks and tips for making my toddlers eat healthy food and finally I succeeded.

Today I am sharing these practical tips for you that will help your picky toddler eating healthy meals. Trust me, it never seemed possible but it is.

But first, let me tell you about what you can offer your kids that’s healthy and fulfilling both.

What Foods You Can Offer Picky Eaters? (Picky Toddler Menu)

Here are a few Finger Foods for picky toddlers you can give your picky eater if your toddler refuses to eat anything you offer him.

plater of healthy fruits and veggies
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Fruits are easy to eat as they bring variety, flavor, and a lot of fun. You can create cute fruit salads, fruit salsas of offer raw fruit as it is. Because they are sweet, kids tend to eat them more likely. But make sure you are not giving processed fruits to your kids as they are high in sugar and they kill the purpose of eating fruits.


If your toddler is not eating any vegetables, he is missing out on some major nutrition. Raw and cooked veggies should be present in your little one’s diet.

Carrots, zucchini, peas, beans, greens, cucumbers, peppers, and a lot more vegetables are there to choose from. List down the vegetables that you can get and add the list to your grocery store list because you are going to get these.


Fish, meat, and eggs are good sources of protein for kids. You can introduce proteins to your toddler’s diet by making egg-based meals. There are thousands of ways to do it.

Good Quality Fats

Healthy fats are important for your kids as they help in their brain development. For example, an avocado is a really good option. Milk is also a very good source of healthy fats so keep it in your toddler’s diet.

Whole Grains

Adding whole grains to your kid’s diet is easy as you can add bread, pasta, and oatmeal easily. Kids love pasta so you can make a recipe that goes well with your picky toddler’s taste buds and he will love it.

So these are the healthy foods your picky toddler should be eating. Here is how you can make him eat that. I have tried these tips myself and they worked wonders for us.

I will not tell you that it will go smooth because there are going to be tantrums but if you stick to it, you will see results.

So keep reading mommy, here we go!

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How To Get Your Picky Toddler To Eat Healthy Meals?

These are some of the simple and easy strategies you can incorporate to get your picky eater to eat healthy meals. Here’s how to deal with picky eater toddlers with my tried and tested tips.

Start early when they are little

picky toddler eating healthy meal

I know everyone says that and I will repeat that, you should start early when they are babies. The best way to raise kids who eat healthy food is by making sure they eat healthy when they are starting on foods. I remember when my little one was around 8 months, I introduced a variety of solid food and he is such a good eater now.

But if you are past that stage, don’t worry there is still hope. 

Make a Routine

bread toast with Nutella and banana

Toddlers have fast digestive systems and because they hop and jump all the time, they feel hungry after every two to three hours. Make a routine for their eating every 2 hours that include a snack and something to drink.

Now that’s the trick!

Don’t offer them processed snacks or junk when they are hungry. Offer them bite-size fruits, vegetables, a toast with peanut butter, their favorite pasta, or anything they like. Instead of sugary drinks, offer water or fresh juice or even milk.

Avoid as much junk as you can. Kids will eat anything when they are hungry so take advantage of their hunger and make them eat healthy meals.

Add variety and colors

plater of frutis

Kids love colors and variety. So here is your chance to introduce those colorful and cute vegetables and fruits. But make sure you offer different food every time. Lunch and dinner shouldn’t be the same or your picky toddler won’t eat it happily. Offer dips and sauces as they are fun to make and fun to eat too. Your kid will love them.

You can add strawberries as they are pretty and can replace any dessert. Mangoes are yellow and sweet so toddlers will eat that willingly too. I make a smiley shape chicken sandwich for my toddler and he loves it. He doesn’t even question me if it has chicken filling so you can try anything that you think can work with your toddler.

Try, try, and try!

Engage your picky toddler in meal preparation

eating vegetables for healthy lifestyle

This is a truth that all toddlers want to be like their parents, do everything they are doing. So why not engage them n cooking dinner and cutting fruits and vegetables.

Get them a toy fruit knife and ask them to help you cut. Spend time together in the kitchen while you are cooking. This will tempt them to eat willingly as apparently, they helped in cooking too. 

Give them carrots and ask them to cut them and encourage to eat too. This is so much fun, although a little messy and time taking it works.

Give them a choice

kids eating healthy food

Kids eat more when they are given choices. They feel like they are in charge and that makes them happy. Offer two items like peas or carrots, apple or melon? They can pick what they want to eat and feel good about it. They will not feel that you are forcing them to eat something.

Isn’t it awesome?

Get Everyone To Eat Together

toddlers having food with family

I cannot emphasize enough that how much eating together is important for your kids! They learn how to eat, how to behave, and bond more with their parents. Family meals are a great way to teach your kids to eat healthy food.

They follow what they see so when they see adults eating dinner and healthy vegetables, they do that too. 

Be a good example

picky toddlers eating food

Parents who have wrong eating habits don’t raise kids with healthy eating habits. If you really want your picky toddler to eat healthy food, you have to be a role model for him. Eating too much or eating too little is not going to help in front of your kid. He will follow what you do so make sure you set a good example.

Final Thoughts

So this is it! My practical tricks and tips to make your picky toddler eat healthy meals coming your way. Just don’t stress it and give it time. Some kids learn faster, some don’t! This is not a competition. 

What do you do when your picky toddler doesn’t eat healthy meals? Do you have some mom tricks I don’t know about? Share it in the comments.

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How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Healthy Meals

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