Potty Training Tips For First Time Parents

If you are too worried about potty training, then this article will surely provide you with essential tips and strategies on how to do the practice as a first-time parent.

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One of the most dreaded tasks of being a parent, especially for a first time one, is to get a child out of a diaper.

Well, it’s a thing that is inevitable, and must be done eventually.

But the question here is, when to do it and how to potty train?

There might be a lot of questions to run in your mind like: Is my child ready to do it? Am I also prepared? What do I need to prepare? How about the best potty chair? And a lot more! 

Worry not because potty training seems to be a daunting task to do. Still, with proper knowledge and resources, things would be a lot easier, even for a first-time parent. You can also rely on some potty training books or help from potty training videos to help you make the task a lot easier.

Now, if you already decide to consider this training or it seems it’s the potty training age of your child, there are some potty training tips or strategies to consider. 

10 Potty Training Tips For First Time Parents

Once your child is developmentally ready for potty training, here are some tips you can do to pave the way to success.

Go and Shop Together

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You must make the process both exciting and fun for the toddler. To do so, begin by taking the toddler purchasing all the needed items like underwear and the toilet or potty seat cover.

Allowing them to pick his underwear would also increase his cooperation. Bright colors or undies with favorite characters could be more appealing.

Choose two options and get the toddler to make the final choice since toddlers might be too overwhelmed with many choices. 

Choose either toilet or potty

First, there is a need for you to decide whether you are to use the toilet or the potty. You might consider combining them or trying both the potty training methods. Some might have a hard time pooping with feet dangling in the air, so it is wiser to consider the potty where they could keep both the feet on the ground. 

On the other hand, using the potty would take a bit longer to potty train since there would be no potty to use if you’re out of the house. Nowadays, there are portable toilet seat covers where you could put on a public toilet to help you with potty training while outside. 

Do demonstrations

It is essential to let the child explore the potty or toilet. You have to encourage the curiosity of the child since it would increase the interest to potty train. Let the child observe you as you use the toilet to understand how the progress happens. 

You might also use a potty training doll in demonstrating the process. Show how the doll sits on the potty and collects from a potty training sticker chart right after a successful attempt to poop or pee. 

Repeat reminding them

We know that toddlers are indeed busy little people since they get so involved in their activities which they forget they need to go until it’s too late. You should also know that toddlers don’t want to be interrupted just to go to the toilet, so it’s best to set reminders in between activities. A potty training schedule could help. 

Spot some signs

In some cases, you might observe the signs which say your toddler needs the use of the toilet. These signs might include a sudden pause in their activity, a blank stare, a look of concentration, pressing or holding the crotch area, squatting, or squirming. 

In the early days of potty training, you should act on these signs than wait for the toddler to inform you. If the child needs to pee, it’s best to get to the toilet as fast as possible, or you are to deal with an accident instead. 

Praise them and give rewards 

Often, you have to praise your child for telling you that he needs to use the toilet. Also, you shouldn’t get upset if he has an accident or he requests using the toilet yet failed to do so after getting there.

Simply remind the child that the mess could be easily cleaned up, and he could try again later. 

Take note also that your child might resist going to the toilet to exert autonomy. Well, you can offer some rewards like sweet treats, stickers, and small prizes.

For some, a visit to the park or a promise of a story work as the best incentive. Simply use whichever works best for him. 

Teach the toddlers with proper hygiene 

It is also essential that you teach the toddlers proper hygiene since it’s never too early to begin. Teach them to wash their hands and flush the toilet after each visit. For girls, teach them to wipe from front to back to avoid spreading any bacteria from their rectum to the bladder or vagina that could lead to UTI. 

Potty training at night 

Night-time potty training could be facilitated through training pants to minimize the mess. You could also line the bed of your toddler with absorbent linings to protect the mattress from pee.

It is also advised to keep a night-time potty close to their bed to be used if the child is successful in waking up before peeing. 

It takes a lot of patience

Potty training requires a lot of patience. Toddlers don’t cause accidents just because they want to. Chances are, they might also be distressed. So, you have to remain bright and positive to avoid negative associations arising from potty training. 

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Delay the potty training

If, and only if, the child keeps fighting your efforts on potty training, it is a wise decision to give it a break. With a willing toddler, potty training is still hard enough, what more with an unwilling one?

You should be prepared to take a break if a regression happens due to specific reasons. It can be moving house, a new baby in the family, starting a pre-school, and more. You should be more understanding and give it a break. You can start again if the toddler has enough time to adapt to the changes in life. 

Final Thoughts On Potty Training For First Time

There could be various strategies that you can consider when doing potty training. How and when to potty train depends on what works best for you and your child. But the key here is to experiment. No matter how hard the training is, think of the fact that your child will be out of diapers and be fully potty trained as well. 

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