How can you Spend Holidays On A Budget? A Complete Guide to spend debt free Holidays!

The holiday season is coming and I know all of you guys would be stressing about looking forward to it but with spending your holiday on a budget.

The holiday season is about love, family, friends, and spending all the money you have earned.

8 ways to spend holiday on a budget this year

Well, I believe ideally, it’s less of the latter. Making a holiday spending budget will help you do that. When you spend your holidays on a budget, it lessens the stress and can keep even the most zealous shoppers from maxing out their credit cards.

8 Great Ways to Spend Holidays On A Budget

This post shares some of the tricks and tweaks on how you can spend your holidays on a budget without losing sanity and potentially racking up debt this holiday season.

Begin with creating a shopping list

Begin by making a list of all your holiday expenses. This includes everything like gifts, cards, wrapping paper, even traveling expenses if you feel like traveling, the gift exchanges, and the donations.

This is the first step in order to spend your holidays on a budget. This will help you track your expenses so if you overboard on one present, you might need to cut down how much you spend on other gifts to make up the difference.

Comparison Shopping Always Wins

It is always better not to buy something you see right away. How about comparing the prices this time? You can be smart enough to do some digging and research.

All you have to do is take a snap of a price tag and of a product itself and find a cheaper version in-store or online. This is important when you are planning on having budget holidays.

If it’s not possible for you entirely on your own. Simply show the product picture to the manager of another shop and see if he can help you find something similar to that one.

There is a prime time for everything. It is better to always keep in check Amazon for holiday stuff. Amazon Prime has literally everything you need and you can search for cheaper versions there. This is a perfect way to spend holidays on a budget.

Don’t hesitate, sign up for their free 30-day trial now and relax!

Buy What You Can Afford

Don’t get bluffed by all those advertisements out there flooding on the Internet about sales and all. Just try to buy things that you can afford. The last thing you want is to go into debt in buying gifts for your family and friends.

If you plan on buying something on Black Friday, have a game plan. You should formulate a strategy, literally, have a list of what you need to buy, where and from which shop you should go to next. The best deals happen during the 24-hour period.

Reuse the Stuff From Your Last Holidays

I mean this! It is a good choice if you store stuff you used last year or if not then do it this year.

The decorations you used during the last holidays can be little emended and be used this year with anyone noticing. This will save you a buck of money.

The gift wrappers you have can be reused again too. This year, if there is anything you don’t want presently, be it a gift or other stuff, simply put it aside in a container or store and it can be used the next year.

This is an amazing hack if you want to spend your holiday on a budget.

Upgrade Your Gift Strategy

A sudden change in gifts can be drastic to it is better to make the changes slow and steady. Introduce new traditions in a family. Follow the rule of one present per person only. You can assign one person for each child to buy a gift for them. It could be anyone be it a relative, senior, or a neighbor.

My posts about Holiday gift ideas for Boys and Holiday gift ideas for Girls will help you with what you can best buy for your kids.

Maybe not getting 10 gifts might be less joyful, but this will give them a deeper and long-lasting joy about giving and sharing things. The younger your children are, the easier it is to introduce traditions and establish a more meaningful and non-materialistic holiday celebration.

Or you can game up the re-gifting strategy. Consider re-gifting things by ditching the guild and social embarrassment. Remember who gave you the gift and then you can pass it on to others.

This will save you tons of money. Trust me!

Above all, try to spend quality time with your family more instead of spending money. This is something that can never be replaced with any other gift. Isn’t it a perfect way to spend holidays on a budget and enjoy them wholeheartedly.

Serve The Same Food differently

If you are planning on spending your holidays on a budget then this tip is a serious game-changer for you. Instead of spending money on buying expensive food take out every item from your fridge and pantry and plan your meals around them.

Come up with some festive meals and new combinations of taste and flavor. If you’re having guests over, serve them some meatless dishes and lots of appetizers.

Small bites and finger foods will do just fine. Anything you serve cold or at room temperature will cut half of your time.

Try to add the theme to a simple food with some couple of details to that it looks more festive. You can totally cook your usual dishes, with a slight variation in the presentation.

Plan Family Activities Ahead Of Time

If you are finding ways to spend holidays on a budget, then there are various fun activities you can do with your family. The best thing is to plan them ahead of time. Include some board games to shift some focus from food and other gifts which no one remembers later to make a few memories that are more likely to stay forever.

This will teach your kids than family time is important but it needs planning too, the same as presents and food. If you’re not into activities try to create a photo album with family photos and this will be seriously a cheap but expensive gift for the whole family.

Apart from games, you can enjoy your time in cooking as a family together. This activity can include everyone even toddlers who can wash the vegetables or cut cheese. This will allow you to have some quality time with your family and will be cheaper fun activities for you and kids to go with during your holidays.

Remind Yourself What Holidays Are Really About

Holidays are all about enjoying and doing it your own way. There is absolutely no need to stress over it to please everyone or getting the best gifts.

Only you know what’s best for your family. Focus on spending time with those who matter, rather than waiting for a January full of debt to come.

Know that your loved ones will understand if you can’t afford to give lavish gifts or any gifts at all.

Consider writing cards to those on your list or crafting homemade gifts, baked goods from your kitchen or literally anything you can afford. These holidays are sharing and giving love.

It doesn’t always need to revolve around money!

So, did you liked these tips and tricks to spend your holidays on a budget? Do let me know in the comments below. Xoxo

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