Diaper rash in babies: yet another persnickety puzzle piece to add to the game of life when parenting littles. Even the most well-tempered baby can turn into a beast when their tiny tush is red, raw, and burning.

Needless to say, we as parents want this wiped out as quickly as possible (pun intended.) 

With any luck, this isn’t a battle you’ll have to fight often. But when diaper rash inevitably kicks you (and your babe) in the butt, here are a few tips to getting rid of it fast. 

You might be thinking, what clears up diaper rash fast?

Keep in mind that persistent diaper rash (lasting more than a few days or a week) could be fungal in nature and requires a prescription from your pediatrician to treat it.

Also, children who get diaper rashes frequently should be evaluated by their doctor to determine the cause – it could be a food sensitivity or skin condition. But for all other bum situations, try these tips for getting rid of diaper dermatitis.

How long does diaper dermatitis take to heal?

Diaper rash typically heals quickly. It’s most commonly caused by prolonged exposure to humidity, moisture, urine, and poop. For regular diaper rash in babies simple creams and changing diapers often can clear up the rash within a day or two.

But, in case of severe rashes due to allergic reactions, the diaper rash may persist until the root cause of the allergen is removed. In this case, an allergen could be anything that is coming in contact with your baby’s skin. Consider any fragrances, ointment, diaper wipes, detergent, or even the diaper that could be causing skin irritation.

The diaper rash should subside within a couple of days if allergen exposure is eliminated, keeping simple tips in mind such as keeping the area dry.

What are the types of Diaper Rash (with Pictures)

In order to help identify slightly what a baby diaper rash looks like, here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

Slight Diaper Rash (image via desitin.com)
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This is a slight diaper rash with slightly visible pinkness on the skin. Your baby might have a single raised bump (papule). You might also see slight dryness over the area.

Mild Diaper Rash (image via desitin.com)

This is Mild diaper rah with faint to definite pinkness over the area. There is a visible redness over a small area. You might notice some scattered raised bumps on the baby’s bum. There is also moderate dryness or scaling on the skin.

Mild to Moderate Diaper Rash (image via desitin.com)

This is mild to moderate diaper rash where the pinkness can be visible in a larger area. Definite redness can be seen on the bum, while very intense redness is visible in a small area. There are papules and moderate dryness on the baby’s bump.

Moderate Diaper Rash (image via desitin.com)

This is moderate diaper rash where the definite redness is in a larger area while very intense redness is in a smaller area on the baby’s bum. Single to several raised bumps are visible on the butt area. There may be slight peeling or swelling (edema).

Severe Diaper Rash (image via desitin.com)

This is a severe diaper rash where there is intense redness over a large area along with severe peeling and swelling (edema). There can be some loss of the outer layer of the skin and bleeding.

This type of diaper rash may have larger connected areas of raised bumps and numerous raised, fluid-containing bumps (pustules).

How to get rid of a diaper rash in 24 hours

There are various causes of diaper rash (Diaper Dermatitis) in babies. Some may develop severe diaper rash due to allergies or other kinds of conditions, while some may suffer from a mild rash that can be treated easily.

If you find your baby suffering from severe bum rash you should consult your baby’s pediatrician. Well, this article talks about the common causes and remedies for diaper rash.

My kids suffered from mild diaper rash from time to time. Thankfully, I learned a few tips and tricks about what cures diaper rash fast quickly, and effectively.

These tips helped to keep the diaper rash at bay, so it didn’t come back as often as it used to, keeping my babies happier and less fussy during sleep.

Read below and find out some simple tips to get rid of diaper rash in babies.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a nurse and a mom with firsthand experience. This post may not be used in lieu of professional medical advice.

Air it Out 

Going diaper-free for periods of time to leave the rash open to the air is the best remedy. It will promote healing to help heal the rash faster and provide relief for your baby.

Try putting tiny down for a diaper-free nap or set up a toweled play area for your free-bummin’ baby.

Pat, Don’t Wipe 

Use a fragrance-free baby wipe or water wipe to pat the baby’s booty clean during diaper changes. Wiping will cause irritation and scented baby wipes have fragrance chemicals that further irritate and dry out the skin.

For baths, wash gently with a mild fragrance-free soap in warm water and pat dry with a towel. 

Salve the Day

While keeping the area open to air works best, a protective layer of ointment or diaper rash cream can provide some relief and help heal diaper rash faster. Apply at bedtime when your baby won’t be getting a diaper change for a few hours.

We made a diaper rash salve by adding a drop of Lavender essential oil to our Aquaphor for its antimicrobial properties and ability to help heal broken skin by promoting collagen (skin cell) synthesis.

You can read my article to learn more about the germ-fighting properties and the proven reasons you need lavender in your life, as well as how it can help heal minor skin issues.

Diaper rash ointments like Desitin or Bordeaux’s Butt Paste contain zinc, which is an age-old treatment in the hospital for wound healing. 

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of zinc help promote skin tissue regrowth, decrease inflammation, and fight bacterial growth to nip diaper rash in the bud quickly. 

Avoid using zany homemade recipes for diaper creams, especially those containing products that can be irritating to baby’s raw skin like baking soda or numbing agents (like benzocaine or lidocaine.) Aside from anecdotal cases, there’s no evidence that any of this is safe or helpful. 

Milk It 

Another great mom hack for kicking diaper rash in a hurry is the breastmilk bath. If you have a few ounces of fresh or frozen breastmilk to spare, swirl it into a warm bath and let you babysit for a bit.

The natural antibodies in breastmilk help fight infection and the fatty acids act as a natural moisturizer. You can also add a few drops of breastmilk to Aquaphor or Vaseline and apply it directly to the rash.

Switch Brand or Size Up 

Sometimes the diaper itself is an issue and it needs to be switched up!

Every diaper is different and so is the baby. Consider brands to see if it clears up the rash, as constituents of diapers vary and some can be irritating to certain booties. If you cloth diaper, consider switching to disposables until the rash clears up (or vice versa.) 

Another option is to change the size of your baby’s diaper. When you do put your baby’s diaper back on, use a larger size diaper until the rash clears up. This will prevent excessive friction.

Use a Good Diaper Cream

The worst problem I had to face during diaper rash was no matter what, I needed to put my baby back in the diaper. It was essential for me to do something while my baby stayed in the diaper.

So, I figured out a few diaper creams to cure my baby’s bum rash and doesn’t feel itchy and irritating.

The key to applying a diaper cream is to make sure it’s not sticky and moist and the area is completely dry before applying it. The moisture can make rashes worse, so keep the diaper area dry.

Treat the Cause 

Think about what could be irritating your baby’s skin: new soaps, detergents, or lotion? We use fragrance-free and natural laundry detergent hack to prevent rashes and skin irritation, so if your babe’s skin seems ultra-sensitive, consider switching. That way you can get rid of diaper rash naturally.

Also, did your baby recently start solids?

Changes in poop or urine due to diet may lead to diaper rash due to pH changes. Foods high in acidities like tomatoes or oranges are a particular culprit. Dehydration can also result in more concentrated urine that is irritating to the skin and leads to redness, irritation, and skin breakdown. 

And of course, the simplest (and most preventable) cause: sitting in a wet diaper too long. Moisture against a baby’s booty for long periods of time dries out the skin and leads to diaper rash.

Be sure to change your baby’s diaper regularly and as often as needed. 

The Tail End 

While these tips are tried and true (in my experience, at least, ) the best medicine is, of course, is prevention. Frequent changes and regular baths will typically keep your baby’s bum happy.

Diarrhea is a common culprit, as well as certain new foods. And some babies are just sensitive to certain brands of diapers or wipes – diapering, like so much else in parenting, is trial and error.

With any luck, these tips will have your baby back to business as usual in no time. 

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How to get rid of a diaper rash in 24 hours

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