Longing for sweet, sweet rest? It’s not easy to sleep soundly when your belly grows during pregnancy. About halfway into your pregnancy, sleeping may not be as comfortable as you remember pre-pregnancy.

You may get past your first trimester easily but, you might get backaches and discomfort starting from your second trimester. During this trimester finding the right position for yourself can become challenging.

6 Insanely Best Pregnancy Pillows To Get Rid Of That Back Pain

Snuggling up to a pregnancy pillow can make all the difference. With the help of a pregnancy pillow, sleeping with a baby bump appearing can actually be comfortable.

The first step, though, is choosing the best pregnancy pillow for your needs and budget.

Is a Pregnancy Pillow worth it?

You might be wondering why should I sleep with a pillow between my legs when pregnant? The answer to that is: If you’re pregnant and you’re having trouble sleeping, then you might want to invest in a good pregnancy pillow for yourself.

Pregnancy pillows are great for women experiencing aches and pains or having trouble sleeping at night. Even after having two preschoolers, I used a pregnancy pillow to have a good night’s sleep.

So, is a pregnancy pillow really useful? Yes!

A pregnancy pillow can be worth it for a couple of reasons:

It can help alleviate back pain. Many moms complain of having back pain or discomfort during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

If you’re someone experiencing this, you may find that a pregnancy pillow impacts the quality of your sleep.

Basically, you may find it difficult to sleep in the right position due to hip and pelvic pain that’s caused by the pressure of your developing baby.

It can help you sleep on your side. pregnancy pillows are great for side sleepers. I have been a side sleeper my whole life.

During pregnancy, it was so hard to move, let alone sleep on your back (which is not recommended either). There are some pregnancy pillows that are ideal for back and side sleepers that can help you transition to sleeping on your side if that’s not your usual position.

Perfect support for all your body parts. As your belly grows you may find it difficult to transition from one position to another during sleep. When you want to sleep on your side you might want extra support for your belly, back, and legs.

The best way to sleep during your pregnancy is by placing the pillow in a way that supports all those body parts, helping you to sleep comfortably.

So How Should A Pregnant Woman Sleep With A Body Pillow?

Yes! Make sure the pregnancy pillow is under your knees and ankles as this helps to keep symmetry in your pelvis. As your bump gets bigger and bigger, place the pillow underneath for your support.

This helps to prevent your top leg from slipping forward and causing back and hip discomfort.

Some women also find it comfortable by placing the pillow under their waist. This helps to keep the spine straight to reduce muscle tension and lower back discomfort.

You might want to use it in a way that works for you. Everyone’s different!

When Should you start using A Pregnancy Pillow?

Wondering when to start using a pregnancy pillow?

While there is no “right” answer, and frankly speaking you don’t need to be pregnant for that!

Anyways, you need to think about investing in a good pregnancy pillow once you start feeling aching back and growing belly driving you nuts!

Typically, 20 weeks and up is where you’ll feel the most comfortable using a pregnancy pillow, but you can certainly start before if you feel you need one.

Around 20 weeks is when the bump starts to get bigger for the growing baby. This can result in round ligament pain and other aches like back and hip aches.

How to Use Your Maternity Pillow Correctly?

Along with “when should I start using a pregnancy pillow,” a lot of new moms ask “how should I sleep with my maternity pillow correctly?”

Short answer- however, you want to but make sure you stick to sleeping on your side

If you Google it, you’ll know it’s ideally best and always recommended to sleep on your side, keeping the pillow in a way that every part of your body is perfectly aligned.

I move a lot during sleep, so I can simply understand the urge to move all over the bed for some moms. That’s why my honest answer would be to stick to what’s comfortable for you. I would keep the pillow under my belly and waist. This way it would ease back and hip pressure simultaneously.

Which Shape Pregnancy Pillow is Best?

There are a lot of letter-shaped pregnancy pillows in the market, but reviewers find that the U shape and C shape pillows really offer more flexibility and women are most likely to change positions at night.

These pillows often give support to the belly and back throughout pregnancy and beyond.

Is C Shaped Or U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Better?

There are mixed reviews for C-shaped and U-shaped pregnancy pillows. What my personal experience is that A U-shaped pillow gives extra comfort by supporting your back and front.

The only downside of this is that it takes more bed space than a C-shaped pillow.

Alternatively, a C shaped pillow will take up a little space on the bed, however, it fails to offer a complete body support

This C-shaped version of pregnancy below can be great for women with a shorter body and small belly.

My belly was huge during my two pregnancies and as I mentioned I move a lot during sleep. I was very comfortable with the U-shaped version.

Anyways I am going to list here the best pregnancy pillows that you can invest in both U and C shaped and find which one is comfortable for you.

Best Pregnancy Pillows For Back And Hip Pain

I think now that I have told you loads of advantages of using a pregnancy pillow along with how you can use it to your own advantage, let’s jump right into the best and most comfortable pregnancy pillows you can buy during your pregnancy (well to use it afterward as well)!

Overall Best Pregnancy Pillow – Leacho Snoogle pillow

The Snoogle pillow is a good choice if you want a full-support pregnancy pillow that doesn’t take much space on your bed. It’s a C-shaped Pillow and is one of my favorite.

Leacho Snoogle pillow
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This Snoogle pillow is a hook-shaped pillow that supports your back while one goes under your head. You can simply tug the other end between your legs.

This is personally my favorite because of its all-around coverage for moms-to-be. In the center, it has space of a female body to provide more room in the shoulder and hip area, than in the waist area.

It is also the same length on each side so you can toss and turn during the night easily. The cover is made of cotton, so it can be removed and washed easily.

Pros: Wraps around your entire body, giving your back and neck full support

Cons: Cover can be hard to remove when it gets dirty

Customer Reviews :

“I may be cheating on my husband with this pillow. It’s comfortable and flexible, curls into many positions that make sleeping or sitting more comfortable.
I don’t think I could function without it.”
Yvonne Lemieux (Amazon Customer)

“I’m 70 and have a bad back and some neck problems. I have been through an incredible amount of pillows! This was completely comfortable and supportive on the very first night!! I’m so thankful for this pillow!!”Deborah Daniel (Amazon Customer)

Best C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

I have already discussed one of my favorite C-shaped Leache Snoogle Pillow. Here are some other c-shaped pillows you might want to consider buying during your pregnancy.

Boppy’s Total Body Pillow

Boppy’s Total Body Pillow is a C-shape pillow that cradles you from head to toe. With this one, you can easily place its one end under your head and the other you can tuck between your legs to realign your hips as you sleep.

Boppy's Total Body Pillow

If you’re looking for versatility, this Boppy Total Body pillow is your best choice. It can support you in multiple different positions and help you transition your body throughout your sleep.

It is not just for pregnancy, but it can also be used during your postpartum period. I personally use my pregnancy pillow even now after I stopped feeding my kids.

It helps in sleep! (if you know, you know :D)

With this pillow, you place one end at your head and neck, and the other tucks between your legs to realign your hips as you sleep.

Pros: It provides head-to-toe comfort, multi-use, and machine washable

Cons: It doesn’t hold its shape much as others do

Customer Reviews:

“I am so glad I bought this pillow! It is SO COMFORTABLE! I am a side sleeper and always use a body pillow that was in need of a replacement. I took a chance on this even though I am not pregnant lol…no matter which way you turn this thing is super comfortable and accommodating. Highly highly recommend it! Best night sleep I have had in a long time.” Cynthia M. Schultz (Amazon Customer)

“The cover and the pillow are machine washable – perfection!! You can sleep on your side and use it long, or wrap it around for front and back support. It doesn’t take up too much space, I’ve been able to use it on our queen size bed without disturbing my partner’s sleep. And postpartum it is easy to use while breastfeeding for baby’s support. Love this pillow.” Ace The Hoot (Amazon Customer)

Best U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The U-shape is one of the most popular styles for a pregnancy pillow because it provides extra coverage to your whole body and a whole lot of it.

It doesn’t just support your bump but also your whole body when your sleep including your back, sides, calves, hips, and feet. Here’s my favorite U-Shaped Maternity Pillow.

AngQi U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

When it comes to U-shaped pillows, AngQi U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is at the top of its class. This U-shaped pregnancy pillow surrounds you completely, front and back, including bending it into a double-C shape to give you a bonus leg support. You can also wrap it around yourself as a nursing pillow when your baby arrives.

AngQi U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Although this pillow is full coverage, it’s super lightweight when you lift it on and off your bed. Like many others, it’s very comfy, and the material is machine washable.

That being said, it is definitely on the large side — in fact, unless you want to kick your partner to a couch, this pillow is best used with a king-size bed.

Pros: It has plush fiber filling, U-shape, Multifunctional, and machine washable

Cons: It has bunches in areas

Customer Reviews:

“This is the BEST investment I’ve ever made for my sleep! I know this is a maternity pillow, but I am not pregnant. I just got tired of trying to place pillows between my knees, under my neck & head, etc. I’d bought a regular body pillow but it wasn’t doing the trick. This pillow saved the day…and my sleep! I’ve slept more soundly with this pillow than I have in ages!”Wiletra Burwell (Amazon Customer)

“I enjoy this pillow so much! I am 13 weeks pregnant and even though my stomach isn’t that big yet it is very supportive. We have a queen-size bed, it takes up half the bad but my husband usually ends up with his head on it as well. I do not have shove pillows behind me anymore because this has all the support I need. Front support nack support and head support!’J. Garrette (Amazon Customer)

Best Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

If you’re looking for a pregnancy pillow that takes up little to no space in your bed and at the same time, provides you the most comfortable and supportive slumber, you might want to buy a wedge maternity pillow for yourself.

Boppy Wedge Maternity Pillow

Small, but efficient, the Boppy Wedge pregnancy pillow is a compact wedge pillow that supports your growing baby bump as you sleep. Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it around your house and use it even on the couch or on your work desk.

Boppy Wedge Maternity Pillow

It can fit wherever you need support (your bump, your back, between your legs, etc.). There’s a soft jersey cover with zips that easily gets removed for your to wash it easily.

Not only is this pillow is wedge small and lightweight enough to travel with, but it also won’t steal the bed from your partner. However, this pillow can easily be used after pregnancy, during breastfeeding, so it doesn’t have a short life span as most of the other pregnancy pillows do.

Pros: It’s a compact design with a machine washable cover

Cons: It’s relatively small as compared to other pregnancy pillows and it doesn’t curve around your body

Customer Reviews:

“Like most, I bought one of those large pregnancy pillows. It wasn’t firm enough for supporting and honesty just got in the way. So I returned it and gave up. Then this little wedge popped up. Figured why not let’s give it a try. I love it!!!! Granted I used 3 other pillows but I do so cause I can then move them where I want etc. The little wedge fits great under my Prego belly. Easy to take and travel with for tummy support. As well as keep u from rolling on your back too.” Chris- (Amazon Customer)

“I had been suffering from horrible, aching round ligament pain that woke me up all night. I normally sleep on my back, but couldn’t do that any longer, and just stuffing pillows under my stomach while side sleeping wasn’t working. The first night I used the wedge pillow, I had the best night’s sleep that I had had in a while. While I still have pain, the pillow has already made a huge difference in how often I wake up because it is perfect support. You can wedge it under you more or just use the end, so it’s really adjustable. I use the wedge pillow under my stomach and a regular pillow between my knees and behind me.”Shawn Peters (Amazon Customer)

Best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

Unfortunately for back and stomach sleepers, side sleeping is best during pregnancy. Stomach sleeping is off the table for obvious reasons.

But, if you’re a stomach sleeper and you are willing to invest in a pillow that takes a lot of space and kind of looks silly, then you need to buy this one.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow by Cozy Bump can allow you to keep sleeping on your stomach for longer than you might otherwise find comfortable during pregnancy.

A cozy Bump maternity pillow is an inflatable pregnancy pillow with a hole in the center where you can adjust the amount of air in it to suit your comfort as your belly grows.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow

While an inflatable style pillow is not everyone’s cup of tea, you can adjust its firmness as your bump size grows during pregnancy. It’s also safe to use in a pool or ocean, making it a great floaty pillow for summer pregnancies.

Pros: 100% cotton and comfortable, Helps to reduce C-section and painful labor

Cons: less support for lower body and stomach sleeping is not recommended to you should think twice

Customer Reviews:

“My wife is 31 weeks along. She is a very petite mother to be, carrying a very big baby boy. Causing her frequent pelvis, belly, and back pain. I took pictures of her trying this out, unknowingly to her. What I caught was an unintentional, genuine smile of instant relief! Seeing this filled my heart with joy and made me EXTREMELY satisfied with purchasing this so far! Directions are very clear and simple to use. I would highly recommend this for your loved ones experiencing any discomfort.” Jeremy P. – (Amazon Customer)

“I can’t even describe the sweet, sweet relief this pillow offers. You can just feel the tension pulling away from your back and the pressure releasing from your organs the second you lay down. I’ve never recommended anything so highly as I do this pillow!” Bonnie G.- (Amazon Customer)

Best side-sleeper pregnancy pillow

If you’re looking for some stomach and back support along with keeping in mind that you need to sleep on your side during pregnancy, then this maternity pillow is for you.

Belly Bandit Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow

This Side Sleeper Belly Bandit pillow is a great choice for a pregnancy pillow, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t take much space on your bed.

This is a doctor-designed pregnancy pillow that provides back, side, and belly support. The compact design has a machine washable cover.  It takes up far less space than a traditional pregnancy pillow.

Belly Bandit Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow

The only downside is the lack of leg and neck support, but since this model won’t steal the bed from your partner, maybe they’ll give you a massage!

Designed to help pregnant women sleep on their side more comfortably, this little pillow has many satisfied customers.

Pros: Seriously space-saving, the style of the pillow discourages rolling over

Cons: It’s less cushy and offers no support for your lower body

Customer Reviews:

“This wedge is great. I like that I can adjust the back portion so if I want to turn it over it is still comfortable. The belly wedge is the perfect size as I found the larger ones were too wide and up to my boobs which weren’t comfortable. It also stays in place which is a huge plus. Currently 23 weeks and love it.” – Jen (Amazon Customer)

“I am a natural back sleeper and have tried pregnancy pillows, body pillows, pillows between by legs and this is the only thing that has kept me from rolling onto my back in the middle of the night, while also allowing me to sleep comfortably. It’s pricey but worth it.” The Coopers – (Amazon Customer)

So, here are my 6 best pregnancy pillows for you mamas! I hope you really enjoyed reading the reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Remember, Please Do your own research too!

Ask your friends who have been pregnant and experienced. Compare prices. And remember, there is a vast amount of information available online. Ask your practitioner for support.

There are a few things you can do for a good night’s sleep! Eat well during pregnancy, and participate in fitness routine for pregnant moms.

I personally found that meditation and long slow walks really help me calm and sleep better. Find what works for you!

So, tell me when did you start using a pregnancy pillow? What “must-have mom products” would you recommend to an expecting mom?

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