25 Time-Saving Best Kitchen Gadgets For Moms

If you’re looking for kitchen items that save your time and work efficiently then, here are some of my favorite kitchen gadgets to do the job for you.

I’m a complete kitchen gadget junkie and look for stuff that can help me in my kitchen. I love a gadget that makes my life easier. As a mom, especially a busy mom nothing can be good as something that saves a ton of your time.

25 best kitchen gadgets for moms to make their lives easier

In my house, most of my time was to think about what to prepare and half of the time preparing meals for my family.

This was before until I found the right tools for the right job!

I’m basically Asian, so in Asia, most of our meals are a little complicated and heavy in ingredients. We Asians love spices and variety in food.

And we have a huge family around, so we have dinners and food preparing in our kitchen almost all the time. This is traditional in our family, I guess.

So, I have to cook, clean the house, look after kids and much more. In order to make my life a little easier, I searched and found some of the best gadgets that save a ton of time for moms.

Eventually, I started adding some of them in my kitchen and found a huge difference. These little guys save a ton of time. There are so many kitchen items out there that you could easily fill all your cabinets with.

25 Time-Saving Best Kitchen Gadgets For Moms

I’ve compiled my most favorite list of kitchen gadget items for moms that they deserve, just like me, and make their lives and cooking easier.

Because with the right kitchen gadgets you can chop, slice, dice or mince with minimal effort and make cooking easier and more comfortable.

All these products can be found on Amazon! My favorite place 😊

Kitchen Aid multicooker

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I’m so obsessed with this KitchenAid cooker. As a mom, we need some extra time when we attend our kids. This is such an amazing kitchen gadget that goes beyond a slow cooker.

It prevents more meals from burning on the stove so you can go and attend your little one while not worrying about the food on the stove.

This sleek cooker has settings for risotto, rice, sauté, sear, simmer, soup, yogurt, steam, cooking slow or high and so on.

You can use it every day in a new way. This is a must kitchen gadget for new moms especially.

Cordless Food Vacuum Sealer

This is the easiest way to save the last day’s leftovers. The reason why I consider this as the best kitchen gadget for moms is that this vacuum sealer tucks out all the air inside a sealed bag, comprising fridge space.

This helps lock all the flavor and freshness of any food item you store in your refrigerator. This will save it for a long time.

So, hey you budget-friendly mama! This little kitchen gadget will save you some bucks by preserving your food. It’s a must-have for all kitchens.

Butter Cutter

This butter cutter is my favorite! I’m so happy something like this exists. This helps you cut a perfect pad of butter for your toast.

Normally, I cook a lot with butter. Sometimes I don’t want to touch the butter with my bare/ dirty hands. This actually is a cool kitchen gadget!

Just quickly reach out for this little friend in the fridge and click out as many slices of butter as you need. That’s all the effort!

Pineapple tool

How long does it take you to cut, slice, and core a pineapple? I bet a lot. This is my favorite time-saving kitchen gadget. This all-in-one pineapple slicer will remove the stem, core, peel, and slice your tasty fruit so nicely.

This innovative slicer can help you cork-screw in less than a minute and retain the juice.

It has durable steel with a medium-sized blade. With this in your kitchen, you can now buy the whole pineapples and enjoy fresh fruit.

Drawer Organizer

There are so many drawer organizers, so why this one? This is because it is customizable!

The best thing I like about this drawer organizer is that it can be customized according to the size of your drawer and the items you need to fit in it.

This set has a base mat that you can cut and adjust it to your drawer’s size and 16 separators that you can adjust and divide anyway you want. These separators stick on the mat so the items you store are fixed in one place.

No matter how many items you open or close your drawer the items are stacked in their places. This is a must-have kitchen gadget for moms.

Onion Chopper

Who doesn’t need an onion chopper? I just hate chopping onions. When I got married, I was only worried about chopping onions in the kitchen while preparing food than anything else.

I tried everything from chewing gum to running water – all sorts of old wives’ tales but none worked.

I then bought an onion chopper for chopping onions so efficiently that they didn’t make me tear up. This chopper has got a solid base and it lets your diced onions and veggies with ease. It’s also great if you want to instantly prepare a salad.

For cleaning, you can just throw it in the dishwasher or you can use a brush if you want to clean it with hands. Overall, it’s not hard to clean as well. It’s a treasure for a kitchen I believe.

Lemon Squeezer

This one is another favorite because of not just how efficient it is but because of personal priority as well.

My kids love lemonade. It’s usually hot and humid where I live. So, lemonade is our go-to drink every now and then. My family loves it so much that I have to make it in a big jar. I hate squeezing lemons on a daily basis.

Here this lemon squeezer comes handy. It is better than squeezing lemons or limes than trying to hand squeeze them. And you get more juice out of the fruit with this.

Instant Pot

I know there are so many people who swear by their Instant Pot. They are a must-have for the kitchen. If you’re not a fan of Instant pot you can go for a Crockpot.

But I love instant pots because of the fact that you can pressure cook when you have kids to look after. You can cook or sauté in the same pot and you don’t have to look for another one.

You can do almost anything in this from boiling simple eggs to homemade applesauce, from vegan split pea soup to tender brisket or steamed rice. Almost anything can be cooked in an Instant Pot. Buy it and you will absolutely love it.

Water Filter

This is another kitchen gadget that has a personal preference. We live on city water that is not as clean or healthy as it gets when you filter it.

This water filter filters out all the nasty stuff that we preferably don’t want our family to drink. This is typically not a problem-solving tool for the kitchen that you use for cooking, but it’s an amazing product overall.

This is an investment if you have small kids because the water tastes fresh and this will keep your little ones healthy as well. You can skip washing dishes will it for sure!

Silicone Utensils

Since we are trying every single day to move away from plastic, this one is huge progress. Switching your cooking utensils from non-stick to silicones ones is a great investment for you and your family.

I love these silicone utensils set because they are chemical-free and they don’t get damaged, they are high heat resistant. You can use them, clean, and dry them right away.

They are so much lightweight and makes cooking incredibly easy. Plus, they are eco-friendly!

Glass Storage

Again, moving from plastic storage, we have started using glass storage in our kitchen. This glass storage is amazing for storing food or other items.

It comes in different sizes so you can store whatever big or small you have in your kitchen. These are BPA free and leak proof.

You can use these glass storage boxes for lunch or meal-prep. These can be easily be put in microwaves because you don’t have to worry about plastic radiations.

Spiral Veggies Cutter

My kids really don’t like to eat vegetables. Its I guess is a case in almost most of the houses. But things really turn around when I give them their veggies in shapes and spirals.

Yes! This veggie cutting kitchen gadget is perfect for spiraling your vegetables and presenting them in a fun way. Simply place your veggies such as carrots or zucchinis inside the contraption and twist the handle.

Your veggies will come out all spiral-like spaghetti. You can simply boil them or stir fry them and give it to your kids. I’m sure your kids will love it.

Cuisinart 4 in 1 Griddler

This is a versatile grill that you can literally use it for anything, you name it. It has an integrated drip tray and you can pull out a clean.

The plates can easily be taken out and you can hand wash them or dishwasher. Theirs is a variety of food you can cook in it – eggs, toasts, pancakes, steak, waffles to name a few.

The plates inside are non-stick so you don’t have to worry about your food getting stuck. Simple spray some oil or butter and you’re good to go.

The non-stick plates are easily cleaned by wiping the mess right up with little to no effort. Since the drip tray is attached underneath the unit, you can pull it out and clean it when you please and then place it right back into the slot.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Almost all of us use sandwich bags, but what if you can reuse them? These sandwich bags are amazing to store everyday lunch, snacks, and sandwiches.

What I love most about these are they have such beautiful patterns. I love them for meal-prep.

I don’t know but these kinds of patterns somehow encourage my kids to eat whatever is inside. I love buying such things for them and for myself.

A plus point here is these come in different sizes. And one more thing, you can use them for storing your kids’ supplies if you don’t want to use them as food storage. It’s a win-win.


Now, I know this one is a huge investment. But this is exactly what it is, investment.

This is an investment for you and your family’s health. You can use it every single day for every single thing. To make smoothies and soups to sauces and cakes, you name it.

If you think of how much you spend when you have had takeout or went out to eat, for instance, 50$ a time. You only need to not eat out ten times to buy this amazing kitchen gadget.

This Vitamix blender is a piece of equipment worth every penny. I love it for breakfast smoothies being able to incorporate fruits and veggies in an awesome way. You can literally find reviews of people who have used it for 25 years and are still happy to have it.

There are so many other blenders that are great but this one is an industrial blender.

Strawberry Slicer

Honestly, this one is a cutie :D. I mean seriously it’s cheap and at the same time a cute little thing to keep in your kitchen.

If you want to cut strawberries perfectly without using a knife, look no further.

This cute strawberry shaped slicer has a stainless-steel blade. With one quick downward stroke, a strawberry is cut into perfectly even slices.

This cutie is a must-have for your kitchen and especially if you are a fruit salad junkie like I am!

Kitchen Aid Mixer

If you love baking then you can’t find any other tool wonderful than this kitchen Aid mixer. I just love it!

This is a wonderful machine and the fact that it has got some really good looks. It’s a bonus!

It is perfect and is great for cake batters and whisked mixtures. My daughter often comes into the kitchen to help me. Although she is just 6, she can use it easily too when guided.

I don’t love baking much, but if you are a baking person then this is the best kitchen gadget for you mama!

If you’re someone living in India, here is the best mixer grinder for a small home that you can invest in!!

Silicone Pastry Mat

This silicone pastry mat is another of my favorite kitchen gadgets that moms will love. This will help you make perfectly sized pastries with measurements.

The measurements on the mat were very helpful and you need to use very little flour on it to prevent the dough from sticking, as compared to anything other.

 It really sticks well to the countertop so you will not have a problem with fixing it every time. You can clean it and store it by folding or rolling it like a dishtowel.

Food Processor or Chopper

There are so many kitchen gadgets out there you can invest in, but the right ones are all you need. This food processor is on budget and does a lot more than just chop food.

The engine is strong and you can grate carrots and cut onions with it easily. It’s an all in one food processor on a budget.

But honestly, I use my food chopper more often than I use my food processor. It depends on the priority. I have guests to arrive, I give the food processor more priority. But for daily use, I prefer my chopper.

Sushi Making Kit

This is another fantastic product to add to your list of best kitchen gadgets. This sushi making kit helps you make perfect sushi like a pro.

It comes with a training frame, a non-stick paddle, and a roll cutter. You can simply follow the directions given or simply watch some YouTube videos from their site and you can make sushi like an expert.

The frame in the given kit makes it so easy to get the edges straight and rice evenly packed along with the roll. There is literally everything for you to make sushi like an expert.

I highly recommend this set if you want a nice and clean way to make sushi rolls.


I did a lot of research when I was searching for a good toaster. There are so many out there with the number of reviews.

I liked this one toaster because of its sleek design and a number of other features. This toaster has four slots and the size is great. Even if you are toasting an organic bread you don’t have to worry about it being bent or twisted.

Everything fits easily. The defrost setting is amazing as well. For instance, it not only defrosts the strudels, but it toasts them later and when they come out, they are all done.

This toaster is UL listed when most of the other toasters do not have this certification.

Self-cleaning Whisk

This self-cleaning whisk can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen tools. This is super handy and sturdy.

You don’t have to worry about getting the sauce of frosting on the counters. If you love baking, this little thing can come handy. You don’t have to worry about egg whites or making a batter for cakes. This is the easiest cleanup tool.

Ceramic Cookware

Since moving from non-stick cookware we ended up using ceramic cookware. These ceramic cookwares are not only a durable but healthy alternative to get rid of that toxic non-stick stuff.

You can hand wash them and use the correct guidelines mentioned and you can spend a long time cooking in this cookware.

Since I have made a switch to these and I am loving them. I recommend them to my fellow moms too.

Cast Iron Skillet

Again, as I mentioned to me being Asian, we use our fast iron skillet a lot and almost every day. We love curry so I make roti (a.k.a tortilla) almost every day for my family.

So, in addition to my regular ceramic cookware, I use my iron cast skillet regularly. It is much better than non-stick cookware. I normally fry or grill my kababs on it.

Basically, I use it for all sorts of things and this is fairly the reason why I added this to the top kitchen gadgets for everyday use. This is absolutely a must-have for anyone’s kitchen.

Coffee Maker

Ehm! Can you actually live without a coffee maker? Well, I cannot. This actually should be on my top list as, you know, I’m a mom of course. This thing is heaven on earth for me.

Well, jokes apart, this is something you can purchase and invest your money in. this will deliver you a Starbucks experience for a fraction of the dollar.

I love this brand because it has good features and it is compact, which means it can easily sit on your countertop without taking much space. The water basin is detachable so it’s easier to clean.

The boiler is so good and delivers hot water in less than a mixture. The filters and everything is of good quality. I highly recommend this coffee maker if you’re seriously a mom like me 😀

Final Thoughts

I really hope you guys like the list of 25 of these time-saving best kitchen gadgets for moms. These are the products that you’ll find useful and they will save a ton of your time.

You may find some of them are a bit expensive but, trust me, they are worth every penny. This is just a little investment you do for yourself and your home.

So, if you like them to leave a comment below and let me know if you have anything that saves your time, so I can add it to the list.

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25 Time-Saving Best Kitchen Gadgets For Moms

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