You might be shocked to hear, today’s teens want to consider their parents as their friends, even though they think we could never understand the realities of their world.

9 Ways To Befriend Your Teens And Make Life Easier

There doesn’t seem to be a better solution to parenting problems than becoming the best of friends with your children so that they do not feel spied on when you try to keep an eye out for them and make sure they are not involved in any suspicious or hazardous activities.

Have any of your children ever lashed out at you because they had a hard time grasping the fact that you only sneaked into their personal items because you meant to look out for them?

That you did what you did out of love or because you wanted what was best for them?

Have you ever snooped around your child’s room just to make sure they are not getting involved in anything risky or long-term detrimental such as drugs?

The best way to find that out was not to snoop around in their closet but rather to sneak a peek into their chat activity through the use of an android parental control app.

Well, maybe your methods were a little unorthodox, and seeing things from their perspective might do you some good.

So, Is It Possible To Befriend Your Teens?

Can parents and teens really become best friends when competing with busy schedules, and raging hormones?

The answer is a resounding YES…and it is worth the effort!

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9 Ways To Become Your Teenager’s Friend

Here are a few ways how to win the trust of your teen and at the same time indicate the fact that whatever actions you make take, you do it with their best interest at heart:

  • Use gentle vocabulary. Respect them as you would want them to respect you. Young people learn how to treat their friends and future spouse by watching you. Model the same behavior you want your children to practice when they are married and have children of their own.
  • Check your tone of voice. Make sure the tone of your voice is not too harsh, because they will gradually adapt these same behaviors and project them back to you unconsciously. Make sure to not yell to make them listen.
  • Never bully or hit them. Treat them with the same respect that you would like to receive. It takes time to understand this, but this is very important if you want to befriend them. Shephards use their rods to guide their sheep, not to beat them to submission. Your work as parents is to guide your children to become better and productive citizens.
  • Be an imperfect parent. It isn’t about you being perfect, nor your kids being perfect. Admit your misktakes and make a room for their misktafs as well. Instead of yelling at them when they make a petty mistake, maybe try saying something along the lines of ‘it’s okay, making mistakes is how we learn to do things.’Don’t be afraid to say, “I am sorry.” Share stories about when you were a teen. Be real with them!
  • Ask them about their day, about their friends. Let them ramble on if you do not understand a word because if you pay attention to this babble now, they will later trust you with school secrets and tell you everything. Being approachable is the key, even if it is 1 a.m. and you go to bed at 10 p.m. This gives you a chance to continue to build a close relationship during your child’s independence stage.
  • Do not pressure them to talk. Stand your ground during a negotiation with them but do not put too much pressure on them. Make them feel understood rather than forced into confessions or obedience. Don’t be a parent who only notices mistakes and weaknesses. Be REAL with your teens: Real, Encouraging, Affirming, and Loving.
  • Let children be children. Sometimes there will be too much noise in the house. Deal with it. Let them enjoy themselves as long as it is harming no one. If for any reason they show defience, find strategies to deal with it. Hell, get in there and have fun with them. After all, that’s what friends are for. For example, if you go to a movie, spend sometime together, decide a movie and eat something together. Or play games or sports. Do what best friends do!
  • Plan family activities. Plan for as many family activities as you can. Make time for vacation trips, even if they are low-budget. Find ways to make the best memories as a family such that your children remain mentally as well as physically healthy and hence, do not fall into bad company.
  • Show up on special days. Show up to events that matter to them like parent’s day or career day at school. Showing up to watch their school play even if it is a waste of time as you make it to their special events would show them that they are loved and cared for which would make them show you their love as well.

Balancing Friendships And Relationships With Teenagers

In the teenage years, young children often spend much more time with friends and less time with parents. When you are present for the things your children want you to be there for, you would have their trust and as a consequence, they would want to share their life with you when they become teenagers or adults.

The most feasible and effective way to stay involved in the lives of your tweens and early teens is through the use of an android parental control app such as FamilyTime.

This app can be downloaded directly from their website but is available on the google play store and app store too.

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