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Do you ever wish a moment could last forever?

Belly laughs, day trips and messy dinner experiments are all fond memories that you and your loved ones will look back on with love for years to come – and by making a memory jar, you can make sure that you remember exactly how you felt in that moment and laugh about it all over again later in life. 

What are Memory Jars?

Memory jars are an easy craft project that can be made together as a family, or as a gift for a child or spouse. This cost-efficient, an easy project is not only deeply personal and thoughtful, but it’s also cheap to make!

The only material you really need is the jar – or box, vase, tin, etc. Then, you can decorate your chosen memory jar however you want to, and it’s ready to start filling with fun memories and stories that you’ll cherish forever. 

You can place your memory jar on a shelf or countertop so you can look back on it as you create new memories, or you can create the memory jar for a loved one and give it to them on a special occasion or birthday. Some popular memory jar holidays: birthday, wedding or college move-out. 

How To Make Memory Jars?

Check out how to make a memory jar below:


  • Jar, box, tin or vase for storing memories
  • Labels or markers 
  • Ribbons, stickers, glitter or other craft supplies
  • Prompts or paper


  1. Attach a label to your memory jar, or use a marker to label it
  2. Decorate them however you’d like with chosen craft supplies
  3. Print out memory jar prompts or cut a piece of paper into equal, small sections
  4. Write memories on prompts using a pen and place it into the jar.

That’s all it takes! You’re now ready to make those memories last a lifetime.

You can even gift it to someone if you wish. These memory jars can be one of the best gift ideas to treasure for life.

Let me know what do you think about this easy way to make memory jars!